Federal Way Contempt of Court Lawyers

Violations of Court Orders for Support or Visitation

Contempt of court is an intentional violation of an existing court order. Thumbing one's nose at the court is not a good idea, no matter what the reason for deviating from the order. Repeated contempts can result in serious sanctions up to and including jail or altering custody.

Clement Law Center represents divorced or never-married parents in the Seattle/Tacoma area in contempt of court proceedings and related enforcement actions. We have initiated and defended these cases in the family courts of King and Pierce counties. Contact us today to discuss your rights and remedies under Washington State law. We have built our reputation on advocating for clients under the law and the facts, rather than representing only those who file or only those who defend against contempt charges. Our goal is to do our best to make sure that the Court considers the best evidence, and makes an informed and just decision.

Federal Way Contempt of Court Attorney

Attorney Bruce Clement has nearly handled every scenario:

  • Willful refusal to pay child support
  • Willful unemployment to avoid child support
  • Failure to pay spousal maintenance (alimony)
  • Failure to comply with a divorce property settlement
  • Refusing to allow court-ordered visitation
  • Ignoring the parenting schedule

The court has many tools and options to punish contempt and enforce orders. For child support or alimony, the court can garnish paychecks and levy bank accounts. The judge can also impute income or impose jail for a parent who is willfully underemployed.

For interfering with custody rights, the offending parent might be reprimanded and the non-custodial parent might be awarded make-up visitation time. The court can also levy fines and order the parent to pay attorney fees. For repeated court order violations, the Court's options include jail time and curtailing or terminating the custodial rights of the offending parent.

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