Our Staff

MelindaMelinda has been a paralegal for Bruce Clement since 2002, and feels she's been very lucky to work beside such a knowledgeable and effective attorney. She received her AAS decree to become a paralegal from Highline Community College in 1998, and has always been very interested in family law. Melinda is very detailed oriented and able to think "outside the box". She enjoys helping clients resolve their often complex legal situations, and truly gets a sense of satisfaction when cases can be resolved in favor of not only the clients, but their children as well. Outside of work, Melinda likes to go hiking, camping, and spend quality time with her family.

BethBeth has enjoyed working for Clement Law Center since 2002. Although hired as a receptionist, Beth quickly showed her skills with organization and multitasking and was promoted to an office manager position. Beth manages every aspect of the office from answering phones to assisting Bruce as needed. She is compassionate, and is able to assist clients with a professional and understanding attitude. Beth has always been interested in the law and receives satisfaction in helping families who are going through a difficult time. When Beth is not working, she enjoys reading, swimming, and spending time with her grandchildren.

DianneDianne was a paralegal with Clement Law Center from November 2004 to February 2013. After taking a break to work on social justice issues (see below), she established her own business and is now providing contract paralegal services for Clement Law Center. She received her AAS degree from Tacoma Community College in Health Information Technology, and then later attended the paralegal program at Highline Community College. Dianne has been through many of the issues that our clients are currently going through, and is compassionate and understanding while helping them toward resolution of their case. One client told her that she is thankful to have Dianne as her paralegal because she has "walked in my shoes." Dianne’s empathy extends to both female and male clients. In her spare time, Dianne enjoys walking, reading and watching classic movies.

In addition to her paralegal work, Dianne has tirelessly worked to change prostitution and trafficking legislation here in Washington. She has raised awareness about human trafficking in and around Federal Way, WA, through her work with schools, law enforcement agencies and community leaders. And she boldly shares her personal, heart-wrenching story in hopes of preventing more children, teens and young adults from becoming victims of trafficking. Dianne is one of the founders and leaders of an incredible organization, the Federal Way Coalition Against Trafficking (FWCAT.)

Dianne’s daughter, Danica, has been missing since December 27, 2007. Please see Danica’s poster with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children at the following link: