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High asset divorce: The art of collaboration

On Behalf of | Dec 6, 2017 | Uncategorized |

Divorce is often a complicated matter that many wealthy couples in the Bellevue area find themselves going through when their marriages come to an end. You may think you must fight your partner at every turn in order for you to receive every dime and asset you feel you deserve. However, you do not need to resort to becoming an overly aggressive person. It is possible for you and your soon-to-be ex-spouse to work things out in your divorce through collaboration so you can stay on good terms with each other for the sake of your kids. 

Do not accept things at face value 

During negotiations, it is normal for communication to break down. You may not agree with the terms your spouse puts on the table and feel inclined to be argumentative. Try to avoid confrontation and disagreements as much as possible. If your spouse is willing to give you certain assets, ask her or him why. In addition to relying on the reasons, be sure to research the effects the offers may have on your post-divorce life and finances. 

Your spouse may have hidden intentions for offering you certain terms in your divorce. For example, you may have trouble understanding why your husband may all of a sudden be offering you the marital home instead of his 401k. If you suspect that your spouse is being overly generous, speak to your attorney to make sure you are not being taken advantage of. 

Compromise can make things easier 

The longer it takes you and your spouse to sort things out, the longer and more expensive your divorce is going to get. Some assets are not worth fighting for because there is a chance that you and your ex-partner will never let the other take complete ownership of them. If there are certain assets that hold significant value and sentiment for you, consider working out a compromise with your ex-spouse that allows you to share ownership and lessen any associated financial strain. If you cannot, the courts will divide all marital property according to what they deem is fair, which may not seem fair to you. 

Because there are many issues to consider with high-net-worth divorces, professionals do not recommend for you to try and navigate through yours alone. Consider speaking to an attorney who can offer you guidance and a better chance at a favorable outcome.