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How to tell if a person will get divorced

On Behalf of | Feb 19, 2018 | Divorce |

Married individuals in Washington and throughout the country who have contempt for their partners are the ones who are most likely to get a divorce. That conclusion was reached by a doctor who studied thousands of married couples and the way that they argued. Criticism, stonewalling and being defensive were other indications that a person was likely to get a divorce.

Contempt is the most likely indication that a person is headed for divorce because it signals a lack of respect for a husband or wife. In a way, it is telling a spouse that he or she isn’t good enough. When someone doesn’t have respect for a partner, it makes it harder to create a bond based on love and trust. Signs of contempt can include eye-rolling, sarcasm and humor that is more hurtful than funny in nature.

Those who engage in such behaviors may have a hard time acknowledging that they do so. They may try to rationalize their behavior as merely being honest about a situation. To overcome contempt in a relationship, it may be necessary for a person to remember why he or she chose their partner in the first place. From there, it may be possible for both individuals in a relationship to start communicating in a healthy manner.

Individuals who are considering a divorce may have many questions about their situation. For instance, they may not be sure about how to get alimony or child support. Parents might also have questions about child custody or how to obtain parental rights. An attorney may be able to answer these questions and work on a client’s behalf to obtain a favorable outcome as it relates to the final divorce settlement.