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What are some consequences of failing to pay child support?

On Behalf of | Mar 8, 2018 | Divorce |

For those who do not make child support payments, a myriad of challenges can arise. Failing to pay child support can make life difficult for custodial parents and children, of course, but it can also create many problems for non-custodial parents who cannot pay or choose not to pay. For example, a parent who has fallen behind on his or her child support payments might face arrest, have an incredible amount of stress, face financial penalties, and suffer irreparable damage to their reputation. However, the ramifications of back child support can create many other problems, some of which are not as obvious.

Falling behind on child support can create tax-related problems, such as the interception of a tax refund. Moreover, it may adversely impact a non-custodial parent in other ways. For example, someone may be unable to leave the country because they cannot successfully apply for a passport due to their failure to pay child support. Not only could this interfere with vacation plans, but it can spell disaster for those who need to travel for business purposes.

A person who owes child support may find that making payments has become challenging or even impossible for a variety of reasons. For example, someone who lost their job or is suffering due to a medical condition they did not expect may have a hard time with payments. However, child support modification could be helpful for people struggling with this. Our family law page covers additional topics that relate to the end of marriage.