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Filing for divorce with PTSD

On this blog, we have covered many facets of the divorce process. It is important to keep in mind that each family's case is unique and an individualized approach is important if you are preparing to split up with your spouse. Moreover, there are a number of considerations that are unique to military families who are working through the divorce process. For example, you or your spouse may be struggling with post-traumatic stress disorder, in which case you may need to be particularly cautious as you move through the divorce. There are different ways in which PTSD can complicate the end of a marriage, and it is important to be prepared.

Ending your marriage can be an extremely emotional event, especially for someone who is already dealing with PTSD. Additionally, if your spouse has PTSD, you may be worried about how your decision to split up may impact them. If you are struggling with PTSD, it is important to stay focused on a favorable outcome and try to prevent negative emotions from getting in the way of progress. Anger, depression, and other strong emotions are not uncommon with respect to divorce, but some people have had their case adversely affected by emotional outbursts.

If you have children, splitting up with your spouse could be an especially hard move. With that said, there may be different options to help you move on. If you navigate to the military divorce page on our law office's site, you can read moreĀ about the end of marriage.

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