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Co-parenting often requires compromise

On Behalf of | Jul 12, 2018 | Child Custody & Visitation |

Divorced parents in Washington may face a variety of challenges as they raise their children. For instance, it may be tough to reconcile the different parenting styles that each person may have. However, it can be easier to work together when both parents realize that their focus should be on the child. In some cases, this means being flexible and learning to develop positive relationships with each other.

Parents should also be aware of the possible damage that they can do to a child by holding grudges or otherwise engaging in long-term conflict. Ideally, children will have relationships with both of their parents regardless of how they feel about each other. However, parenting plans can be designed to ensure that the parents interact as little as possible. This could include picking children up at school or dropping them off at other public locations.

While parenting plans can provide structure after a divorce, they should not be enforced in an overly rigid manner. Doing so could stunt a parent’s relationship with his or her child. Therapists can also help parents work through their feelings and start the healing process after a divorce. Mediators or similar professionals may be effective in helping a former couple communicate effectively and work through any conflicts that they may have.

It is possible that child custody issues could arise before, during and after a divorce. However, an attorney can help a client come up with a solution to these problems. In some cases, this may mean creating or altering a parenting plan to better meet an individual’s needs. Regardless of how a conflict regarding a child is resolved, it is important that the solution be in the best interests of that child.