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Addressing loneliness after your divorce

On Behalf of | Sep 19, 2018 | Divorce |

Often, a great deal of focus is placed on divorce issues such as child support, custody or property division. Though these are all potentially complicated aspects of divorce which need to be dealt with carefully, there are many other challenges that people may have to work through during and after the process of divorce. For example, some people may feel a sense of loneliness after they split up with their spouse, for multiple reasons. Not only can it be difficult for some people to adjust to single life, but they may feel lonely for other reasons, such as missing their child following a custody dispute.

It is important for you to address these feelings of loneliness properly, but you should not feel as if you have failed or that there is no hope for your future. Some people are able to enjoy a new relationship which is more fulfilling than their previous marriage, while others have no interest in finding a new partner. Some people who feel lonely after divorce benefit from getting a pet, such as a dog or a cat, while others are able to move forward by spending more time with their friends and family members. Learning new skills and picking up exciting hobbies can also be helpful in this regard.

It is not abnormal to have negative emotions after your divorce, and these emotions should fade over time. You may be able to enjoy a brighter future by exploring all your options closely before the divorce or handling post-divorce issues (such as custody matters or child support) appropriately.