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Child support and custodial parents

On Behalf of | Sep 7, 2018 | Divorce |

On this blog, we have looked into some legal issues involving child support payments and non-custodial parents, such as the consequences of falling behind. Now, we will approach this topic from a custodial parent’s perspective. If you expect to have custody of your child after your divorce and are not sure how much child support you will be able to receive, you could be worried about your financial future. Or, maybe you have already split up with your spouse and your child’s other parent is not making their payments on time, for whatever reason. It is crucial for parents in Washington to handle these matters correctly.

In some instances, reaching out to your child’s other parent may be helpful, but this certainly is not an option for everyone. There are a number of ways in which back child support can be obtained from a parent who has not paid what they owe and it is important for you to provide your child with the resources they need. For example, this may be a particularly pressing issue during back-to-school season if you are trying to buy school clothes and supplies for your kids.

We understand that it can be incredibly overwhelming when you do not receive your child support payments on time (or at all). However, you should try to maintain your composure, understand your rights and focus on securing the support that you are entitled to. Our family law page covers other topics that are closely related to child support payments.