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Ending your marriage due to drug addiction

On Behalf of | Nov 28, 2018 | Divorce |

We have written extensively about various divorce topics on our blog, but it is important to approach each and every divorce from an individualized point of view. If you are bringing your marriage to an end, there may be numerous details surrounding your divorce that will necessitate taking a different approach. There are also a vast array of reasons why people split up with their spouse, such as ending a marriage because of a partner’s drug addiction. Our law office understands how this can be an especially complicated and emotional experience for some people in Federal Way and across Washington.

People become addicted to drugs in many different ways. Sometimes, an injury may lead to an opiate prescription that ultimately turns into a lifelong addiction. Unfortunately, it may become impossible to live with people who struggle with drug addition. From domestic violence to simply becoming a different person, people choose to split up with their partners when they are unable to beat addiction for many reasons. These situations can be especially challenging when a couple has kids, and when children are present it may be even more important for a parent to end a marriage and remove their children from a toxic household.

If you are thinking about ending your marriage over your spouse’s drug addiction, it is important to examine all of your various options and carefully think over the approach you will take. These types of family matters can be incredibly overwhelming and our family law section provides more on filing for divorce.