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Late icon’s daughter hopes rehab will bolster custody case

On Behalf of | Dec 20, 2018 | Child Custody & Visitation |

There may be many assumptions that people in Federal Way have about divorce proceedings that are ultimately untrue. One may be that family courts automatically assume mothers to be the ones best fit to raise their children, and thus custody hearings tend to favor them right from the outset. In reality, the court’s primary motivation when issuing rulings in custody cases is the best interests of the children involved. There is a presumption that kids are most benefited from having both parents in their lives. Thus, joint custody may be the arrangement that courts favor. Yet parents must first prove that they are deserving of that.

Proving that may mean making changes in one’s lifestyle. That is what Lisa Marie Presley (the daughter of the late entertainer Elvis Presley) is trying to prove with her latest admission in to rehab. Presley has been candid about her struggles with cocaine in the past, and is concerned that those issues could impede her being awarded primary custody of her twin daughters. While addressing her issues with substance abuse could help her case, both she and her ex-husband have been accused of abusing their girls. The judge presiding over the case recently ruled that a mental health evaluation needed to be done on the couple’s daughters to determine whether any of these allegations might be true.

Given all that is at stake in child custody hearings, it may not be difficult to assume that such proceedings can become heated. Yet allowing emotion to influence one’s actions during such proceedings could serve to undermine their stance as being the most suitable caregiver for their children even more. Rather, the assistance of a skilled family law attorney may be what’s needed to secure a favorable outcome to a child custody dispute.