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February 2019 Archives

Maintaining normalcy during the divorce process

Ending a marriage can bring up hard feelings, and it can interfere with daily life in different ways. Some people become very anxious and stressed out about what they are going through, while others may feel sad or even experience positive feelings such as optimism and relief. Everyone has a different experience when they work through the divorce process, but for some people it can be quite hard. If you are facing challenges as you work through your divorce, it is important to do what you can to maintain a sense of normalcy—especially if you have kids.

Am I eligible for BAH post-divorce?

You will probably still get your basic allowance for housing after a divorce, but there are many factors that could affect it. You, like most service members, probably depend on these funds. If you anticipate some difficulty in keeping current with your housing payments in the competitive Washington real estate market, especially if you live around King County, it could benefit you to do some investigation into how your specific situation might affect the future status of your BAH.

How interstate custody battles work

If you and your spouse are getting a divorce, you may live in different states. This can complicate a variety of legal, financial and emotional issues, especially in regards to child custody. Fighting for custody rights across state lines can get ugly and complex. 

Tips to help with the child custody hearing

One of the scariest parts of divorce is battling for child custody. Numerous parents in Washington are aware of how nerve-racking their first child custody hearing can be. It can make all the difference, especially if either parent is vying for sole custody.

What is imputed income?

Part of your responsibility as a parent is to provide financially for your child. Courts in Washington take this responsibility very seriously when it comes to ordering child support, taking many different factors into consideration to determine how much each parent should pay. The amount of money that you and your ex make is only one factor. According to FindLaw, if your spouse takes steps to artificially lower the amount of his or income in an attempt to pay less in child support, the court may award you child support based on the amount that your ex has the capacity to earn rather than his or her actual income. The term for your ex's earning capacity is imputed income.

Collaborative divorce can help avoid emotional pitfalls

Washington couples thinking about divorce may have heard all of the horror stories about long, drawn-out court battles, hidden assets and destructive fights. While divorce often carries serious financial and emotional consequences, not every marriage that ends needs to be accompanied by the harshest legal tactics and financial conflicts. Many partners benefit from a collaborative approach to divorce, which aims to minimize damage to all parties while also protecting their legal rights.

Major reasons people choose to divorce

There are a number of issues that may lead couples in Washington to decide to end their marriage. Whether those incompatibilities were evident from the beginning of the relationship or a breach of trust shattered the relationship, a significant number of people choose to divorce even after years of marriage. While every situation is unique, there are some contributing factors that are more common than others. One study looked at people who had participated in a premarital communication program, interviewing those who had divorced 14 years after the initial program.

Military divorce and a child's emotions

Divorce can be incredibly tough for many couples and this is especially true for military families. Moreover, the emotional toll of bringing an end to a marriage can be even more difficult for those who have kids. It is also important to be aware of the different ways that divorce can impact children as well, and if you have kids you should try to think about their perspective. For children, this can be an upsetting time and you should try to reassure them that they will continue to be loved and provide them with answers to their questions.