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March 2019 Archives

How cryptocurrencies are affecting the divorce process

Cryptocurrencies are starting to play a role in more divorces throughout Washington and the rest of America. Family law attorneys are taking the time to get more familiar with how crypto could factor into the divorce process. Not too long ago, there would be very little reason for anyone to think that cryptocurrencies would play a role in how a divorce would be handled.

Losing interest in your partner and filing for divorce

Sometimes, people file for divorce due to unexpected and very challenging problems they face, such as an affair or very serious allegations that completely change their perspective of their spouse. However, people may also file for divorce for relatively mundane reasons that have been building over the years, such as a loss of interest in their partner. People may lose interest in their partner (and, ultimately, their marriage), for a number of different reasons and wonder if it is possible for them to end the marriage on this basis.

Lump-sum payment ordered on reality TV star's divorce

It may be easy for many in Federal Way to view alimony as a form of punitive action. After all, it is paid by the spouse viewed as being more economically well off, which may make it seems as though they are having to compensate for their ex-spouse's lack of similar earning potential. Yet in reality, spousal support is meant to be just that. It is only supposed to assist the financially disadvantaged spouse until such point as they are once again able to secure the same standard of living they had while married. As such, alimony is not meant to be permanent, and may not even come in the form of a monthly payment. 

Dealing with custody issues as a young parent

Whenever parents split up, dealing with child custody can be especially tough. In fact, this is often one of the most emotional and draining aspects of divorce. After all, a child's future is at stake and a parent's ability to maintain a relationship with their child may even be threatened. Every custody case is different and may pose unique challenges, but some parents face an especially hard time. For example, a young parent may have a number of obstacles to overcome if they find themselves in the middle of a custody dispute or fighting for their visitation rights.

Texting helps parents and children connect after divorce

Many people in Washington criticize the way children interact with phones, tablets and other electronic devices, particularly when it comes to social media. There have been many reports about cyberbullying and other inappropriate online behavior. However, these technologies have also brought positive effects into many families' lives. After a divorce, electronic communications can help to ensure that children are never far away from both of their parents.

Protecting a business in a divorce

In Washington, people typically marry because they believe their relationships will last for a lifetime. Even though these engaged couples have noble intentions, they may want to take extra steps to protect special assets, such as businesses. Emotions often run high during divorce proceedings. Consequently, a business owner or non-owner may suffer monetary losses during the property division process.