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How technology can aid or hinder your divorce

On Behalf of | Jun 24, 2019 | Divorce |

As a techie, you have a lot of experience with numerous types of technology and enjoy the benefits they provide. What you may not have experience in is the end of your marriage. Although divorce rates in the tech industry are lower than rates in other sectors, it is still a very real risk.

Navigating divorce is challenging, but you can use your tech savvy to make it a smoother process.


There are apps for everything, and divorce is no exception. Entrepreneurs have noticed a need for streamlining the complex process of divorce, such as compiling paperwork and communicating effectively with exes, and have filled it with the creation of helpful apps.

One example is dtour.life, which provides a platform for both spouses and their attorneys to access and organize relevant documents. This can help you spend your time more effectively, especially with your lawyer, reducing the duration and cost of your divorce and improving your emotional well-being.

Social media

Social media is not the place to be during the divorce process, as anything you share can become evidence used against you in your case. Limit your social media use, not only for legal protection, but also emotional. It can be hard seeing photos of other people’s seemingly happy, perfect lives or updates from your ex. If the past is too much to handle, you may want to start over with new accounts that do not have photos and other connections to your former marriage.

Dating apps and sites

You may feel ready now to move on to a new relationship, especially if you and your spouse have separated for a while. However, it is better to wait to avoid complicating your case or your children’s lives.

Once the divorce is final, take time to recover, take care of yourself and go through counseling, if necessary, to ensure future relationships are healthier. If or when you feel ready, reenter the dating scene whether through traditional means or with the help of digital tools.