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Spousal support and starting a new job

On Behalf of | Jun 12, 2019 | Divorce |

For those who are required to pay spousal support, a number of major life changes may occur which necessitate the revision of a spousal support order and raise a number of questions. Aside from serious health issues and other concerns, some people may have questions about this facet of family law when they are starting a new job or have other job-related concerns. For example, someone who has been paying spousal support may have lost their job, raising concerns about their ability to keep making payments. Or, someone may be offered a more lucrative position, and they may wonder how this will impact their spousal support obligations.

When someone’s financial circumstances change considerably, the modification of a spousal support order may be necessary. Some people may not have to pay as much spousal support as a result of a lower-paying job that they accept, while this is not true for others because their financial situation has not changed significantly after starting a new job. Everyone is in a unique position and it is imperative for you to review your personal financial circumstances and determine the best course of action.

Sometimes, paying spousal support can be tough, especially if you are in between jobs or have had to take on a lower-paying job. If you believe that it is necessary to modify your spousal support order, you should not hesitate to examine your options and the entire process. We cover many other topics connected to spousal support modification on our law office’s website.