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Child support and the military

On Behalf of | Jul 30, 2019 | Military Divorce |

Military service members and veterans in Washington and the rest of the United States are required to pay child support for their custodial and non-custodial children. The federal regulations pertaining to child support enhance state-level laws by ensuring that military members comply with payment.

The federal regulations also serve as a temporary guideline for determining the payment of child support in cases in which a legal agreement is not yet in place.


Military service members have to comply with the terms of a written child support agreement between them and their children’s other parent. The service members also have to comply with any state order that has been established. If there is no court order in place for child support, the military will determine what the child support measures should be until a formal plan is in place.

Child Support Services employs a voluntary support agreement to get the appropriate level of child support for the children of military service members. If there is no such agreement in place, the CSS will rely on the temporary support measures determined by the military until an agreement has been put in place. It is important to note that the interim measures will award a lesser amount of child support payments than would be calculated by state guidelines in many cases.

An attorney who practices military family law may assist military service members and veterans with resolving disputes regarding military divorce legal issues, such as child support. Clients may be advised regarding how child support calculations are conducted and which legal strategies to pursue in order to obtain the desired child support payment terms. Litigation might be used to protect the rights and interests of clients who seek modifications to existing child support orders.