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Custody based on the best interest of your child

On Behalf of | Jul 18, 2019 | Child Custody & Visitation |

Settling custody issues can be the hardest part of a Washington divorce. Altering where your children live and when uproots their schedule. It also changes your overall family life significantly. If there is animosity about the split, it can make negotiation or mediation unrealistic. At Clement Law Center, our team often assists clients with legal support to resolve custody issues.

According to Verywell Family, when the court becomes involved with custody arrangements, the judge considers the children’s needs using several factors. Young children typically require more hands-on care than older children. When evaluating the best interests your kids, the court evaluates which parent can provide for those needs.

Children thrive when they have a consistent routine and living arrangements. Judges often prefer that your children maintain a structure in which they are comfortable and feel safe. Court officials also seek evidence that the parent who wishes custody can meet their minor children’s needs:

  • Food and shelter
  • Medical care
  • Clothing
  • Loving support
  • Education
  • Physical and mental health

If you or your spouse works full-time or holds more than one job, sole custody may be impractical.

Some children are flexible and can go with the flow. Other children do not weather change well. When considering living arrangements, a judge may try to limit changes that could have a negative impact. The court generally favors a custody agreement in which you both can maintain a close relationship with your kids. The goal is to keep them safe, happy and as unaffected by the new living arrangements as possible. Visit our webpage for more information on this topic.