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Switching schools when divorce means relocating

On Behalf of | Aug 15, 2019 | Relocation |

When two parents in Washington make the choice to get divorced, it is not unusual for one of them to move out of the home that was previously shared. Who decides to leave and why are factors that vary significantly depending on the length of the relationship, legalities with property ownership and even how the relationship ended. In difficult circumstances and especially those where disagreement is bitter and unavoidable, one parent may choose to relocate entirely. 

Relocation is a decision that requires parents to take their time when they have children in tow who will undoubtedly be affected by the move. A sudden move to another home will mean a change in schools, friends, familiarity with their surroundings and even a change in what they may enjoy for entertainment. More often than not, children may be frustrated or even angered at the thought of having to move. 

According to verywellfamily.com, parents should be careful about considering the best interests of their children when making the choice to move further away from their previous home. Justifying a move should take into regards the maturity of the children, the possibility of continued visitation with the other parent and even how it may affect the future of each child. 

Selecting a new school for their children is an important part of a parent’s relocating responsibilities. U.S. News suggests several tips for parents looking to pick a high school for their child, but these tips are equally applicable to school children of all ages. Some suggestions included looking for an establishment that has a comfortable culture, exemplifies diversity and has a strong student-teacher connection and commitment. Other general factors that parents should consider is affordability and statistics including the school’s testing success.