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September 2019 Archives

Getting through the hard times of divorce

When people in Washington make the decision to divorce, it can be difficult to adjust to the changes that come with the end of a marriage. In some cases, people may deal with emotional shocks, especially if they were not anticipating the request for a divorce. In other cases, the marriage may have broken down some time in the past, but the financial stress associated with divorce can present challenges of its own. In addition, divorce can be particularly hard for parents who need to adjust to a new co-parenting relationship and get used to time when the children are with the other parent.

More young people opt for prenuptial agreements

When younger people in Washington decide to marry, a growing number of them are considering prenuptial agreements before tying the knot. According to a study conducted by the American Association of Matrimonial Lawyers, 62% of divorce lawyers said that more clients were asking about prenups, especially millennials. In the past, prenuptial agreements were considered to be a matter for celebrities or the ultra-wealthy. However, these documents are becoming more accessible and common for people of all means, especially as younger generations opt to marry later in life.

Money and divorce

When couples get married in Washington, they usually do so with high hopes for their marriage. While it is expected that there will be a period of adjustment, most couples intend to remain married for the rest of their lives. Still, there is often an expectation that some couples will become less happy with their marriages over time, something that can lead to divorce.

Older divorced people have certain unique issues to address

In Washington and across the nation, divorce is a frequent occurrence. Current statistics indicate that the number of older people getting a divorce is on the rise. This is frequently referred to as the "gray divorce" phenomenon. This statistical increase is happening while the overall divorce rate is at its lowest point in four decades.