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Answering questions about your divorce in a comfortable way

On Behalf of | Sep 20, 2019 | Divorce |

While you are confident with your decision to get a divorce from your spouse in Washington, you openly acknowledge that other people may not see your decision as one that makes sense. In fact, you may have people openly express their disapproval or try to tell you that you did not try hard enough to make your relationship work. At Clement Law Center, we are committed to helping people who are facing the aftermath of separating from their spouse. 

Perhaps the most important thing to remember is that you owe no one an explanation. If people do not agree with your decision to separate from your spouse, remind yourself that they were not in your situation and do not have all of the facts and background. However, you can prepare to tell people about your divorce and answer questions in a manner that is informative without oversharing. You can also be polite in the way you discuss your divorce without talking rudely about your ex or coming across annoyed to the people inquiring for more information. 

According to Psychology Today, think carefully about your divorce. Are there details that you would rather not share? Have you been legally advised not to share others? Will your sharing negatively impact other people including your children? Keeping your answers to these questions in mind, you can develop an “elevator speech” designed to address the main aspects of your divorce in a manner that prompts the discussion to end. In cases where you are speaking with a supportive friend or family member, you may use your discretion about sharing more than what you would with a coworker or neighbor. 

When you prepare to talk about your divorce before you are ever tasked with doing so, you can feel much more confident about answering questions without sounding embarrassed or scattered. For more information, if you are getting a divorce, visit our web page.