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Decide where to file for divorce

On Behalf of | Sep 10, 2019 | Divorce |

When Washington military couples decide to get a divorce, they may think it does not matter where they file. However, when it comes to filing for divorce, military families usually have more options than civilian families, and people may want to consider all of their options before they choose to file in a certain location.

For people to get a divorce, a court usually needs jurisdiction. FindLaw says this means the court can legally go over the case. Courts in three different states may have jurisdiction in military divorce cases. Military couples can typically file for divorce in the state of their legal residence. If one spouse lives in a different state, people may also file there. Additionally, couples can file for divorce where the service member is stationed. It is important to consider the filing location because different states have different divorce laws. Some states, for example, are community property states, while other states consider many factors for dividing property. Additionally, spousal support may be different from state to state.

As military couples decide where to file for divorce, it is a good idea to think about several factors. According to Military.com, people should typically choose a state where they have lived. Couples may want to think about where they got their driver’s licenses and where they do their banking. They may also want to consider where they pay taxes and vote. All of these elements determine whether someone is a resident of a state. Many couples may find it best to file in the state where they have residency, especially if they just moved to a new location. 

Some couples may decide they want to file for divorce in a different state from the one where they currently reside. In this situation, it is a good idea to consider the time and money this might take. People may need to go to their hearings, and they also usually have to file paperwork. Traveling between states may take up a considerable amount of time and money, and some people may need to take time off from work to make this possible.