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Signs a couple may be headed for divorce

On Behalf of | Oct 25, 2019 | Divorce |

Washington couples who have gone through a divorce often say that it was not one major issue that drove them apart but a multitude of factors. In particular, there are a few common indicators that often show a marriage will end in divorce.

Mealtimes allow couples and families to bond as they have conversations about their thoughts, concerns and joys. When couples don’t eat together, this could indicate that their marriage is headed for divorce. Some couples say that it is just too inconvenient to eat together, but the underlying problem may be that there is no family tie.

Addiction to gambling, alcohol, and drugs can negatively affect a marriage too. This is especially the case if the one who is suffering from addiction will not get help. If a partner refuses to get help, they will endanger their marriage.

Some couples who have a combative and unhealthy relationship decide to stay together thinking that it is best for their children. However, spouses who do not work on their marriage and only stay together for the children often get divorced after the kids leave home. While a divorce sooner than might may not be necessary, simply sticking together because of the children will not solve the problems either.

When couples lead separate lives, this can indicate that their marriage is headed for divorce. They may not care about how the other would react to decisions or may make major decisions without consulting the other partner. When a person feels like divorce is the only option, they may decide to speak with a family law attorney. Legal counsel could provide advice related to divorce legal issues, child custody, alimony, property division and other matters that often come up at the end of a marriage.