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Divorce: What about introducing children to new partners?

On Behalf of | Dec 10, 2019 | Divorce |

Parents typically have many issues to resolve when they decide to end their marital relationships. Divorce is definitely a major, life-changing event that has a significant impact on children. In addition to the normal topics, such as custody, visitation and child support, Washington parents will also want to discuss the more personal aspects of the future, including how they will handle their children’s introductions to new romantic partners.

Television personality Tarek El Moussa says he eased his two children into it when introducing them to his new girlfriend after divorce. El Moussa says he first discussed the issue with his 9-year-old daughter and started mentioning his new relationship to his 4-year-old son later. He also stated that he did not go straight from discussions to an introduction but eased his children into it by showing them pictures and videos of him and his new girlfriend together.

El Moussa said he wanted to make it a fun idea for his kids. He is reportedly happy with the way things turned out. He mentioned that it seemed to take his son a bit longer to get used to the idea and feel comfortable around his new girlfriend than it did for his daughter.

It is important for co-parents to discuss the issue of new romantic partners after divorce as it relates to their children. Many Washington parents incorporate certain terms into their co-parenting agreements, such as making sure the other parent meets the new partner before the children do. If new romantic interests spark legal issues in a post-divorce co-parenting relationship, an experienced family law attorney can provide guidance and support to help resolve the issue.