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March 2020 Archives

When do grandparents get custody rights?

Grandparents play an important role in the lives of their grandchildren. When parents go through a divorce, it can affect this important relationship, negatively impacting a bond that is beneficial for the kids. In some cases, it is important or necessary for grandparents to seek custody or visitation of their grandkids. 

Hayley Williams says divorce affected her physical health

When a stressful situation arises in a person's life, he or she may experience a negative reaction to it, depending on the circumstances. For instance, many Washington spouses may be having serious marriage problems at this time, perhaps, prompting thoughts of divorce. While it is not uncommon for divorce to occur, if a person is unsure how to cope or does not know where to seek support as needed, he or she may experience adverse emotional or physical health effects.

Couples should not overlook life insurance in a divorce

Washington divorces are complicated enough, but couples going through them should take note of the fact that there may be issues beyond property division, custody and child support. People must be aware of the fact that life insurance in a divorce can be an issue, especially when there are situations where one spouse is responsible for providing certain things for the children or even paying alimony.

Taking difficult steps after your spouse's affair

No matter how long or short your marriage has been, you likely know your spouse well enough to recognize when something was different. Maybe he or she was more attentive to you, or perhaps you felt your spouse growing cold and more distant. Did your spouse work longer hours, become more secretive about his or her cellphone, or act more nervous than usual? You may have dismissed your suspicions, but now you are more convinced that your spouse may be cheating on you.

Divorce: Who gets the wedding rings?

When a Washington marriage ends, there are numerous legal issues that must be resolved. Regardless of which spouse files for divorce, both must focus on negotiating appropriate terms for a settlement. If they are parents, child custody, support and parenting time issues will be a high priority. Property division, as well, can spark complications, such as determining what is marital (community) property and what is separate.

Child custody: Washington parents can learn from celebrities

Most family court judges would agree that children are adaptable and fare best in divorce when their parents are willing to compromise and cooperate for their sake. Washington parents are not always able to achieve amicable child custody agreements on their own, however. In fact, there have also been many celebrities who have sought the court's intervention to help them resolve child-related disputes.