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Divorce: Thinking ahead can help you accomplish your goals

On Behalf of | Apr 1, 2020 | Divorce |

When a Washington married couple decides their relationship is no longer sustainable, it can be emotionally upsetting for both spouses, especially if they have children. However, divorce does not have to ruin a family’s life. In fact, it is often possible to part ways in an amicable fashion, and move on in life without having to navigate a court battle.

One of the first logical steps to take is to determine which type of process is the most viable option in a given set of circumstances. For instance, when two spouses get along well and are able to peacefully discuss their differences to resolve important issues, they may opt for divorce mediation instead of litigation. This is often a less expensive means to divorce, and is known to be a time-saver as well.

On the other hand, if spouses argue every time they’re in the same room, mediation is unlikely to work because both parties must agree ahead of time to try to avoid confrontation during sessions. If a concerned spouse wishes to seek the court’s intervention about child custody, alimony or property division, he or she may find that litigation is the best course of action in such circumstances. Another important topic to consider when preparing for divorce is full financial disclosure.

If a spouse suspects that his or her ex is trying to hide assets, the court can put a stop to such actions. Full financial disclosure is required from both parties. Washington is a community property state, which means the court typically splits marital property equally between the spouses. A concerned spouse may wish to discuss these and other divorce issues with an experienced family law attorney before deciding upon the best way forward.