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Do you know what commonalities many divorces share?

On Behalf of | Apr 11, 2020 | Divorce |

On your wedding day, you most likely thought your relationship with your spouse would last forever. You didn’t think your life would always be perfect, though. You knew you would have disagreements but felt as though you could overcome any adversity or dispute that came your way.

That may have worked for years, but eventually, you began to have issues with your spouse that just didn’t go away. Over time, the issues and disputes grew to a point where your relationship broke down.

Is your reason for considering divorce a common one?

It probably isn’t difficult for you to believe that many people divorce for the same reasons and only the specific details differ. For example, below are the most common reasons cited by couples for wanting a divorce in a recent study:

  • Nearly 47% of the 2,371 couples who participated in the survey said they fell out of love with their spouses.
  • Approximately 44% of the couples said that their marriages could not survive the lack of communication between spouses.
  • Around 34% realized there was a lack of respect, trust or sympathy from one spouse for the other. Certainly, these feelings were mutual in at least some of the couples citing this reason for divorce.
  • The fourth most common reason that people cited as their reason for divorce was that they simply grew apart. Somewhere in the neighborhood of 32% of the couples no longer wanted the same things out of life and/or out of marriage.

If you are considering divorce for one of the above reasons, it may help you to know you aren’t alone. Of course, these aren’t the only reasons why couples divorce; they are just the most commonly cited in recent times. Issues such as money problems, infidelity and more continue to plague couples and lead to divorce.

If you decide to file for divorce

If your reasons for wanting to end your marriage are compelling enough, you may make the final decision to file for divorce. Before you do, it would probably be a good idea to gain an understanding of your legal rights and options. You could also take the time to gather all the documentation you need regarding your family’s current assets and debts. If you have children, you will want to consider what custody and visitation will look like in the future.

Another aspect of divorce you will want to consider is how the process will go. You and your future former spouse may decide to negotiate a satisfactory and equitable settlement without the assistance of the court, either just with your attorneys, through mediation or with collaborative law. On the other hand, you may need the assistance of a Washington court to help ensure you receive a fair settlement. In any case, you may want to take steps to make sure you protect your rights.