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The Effects of Stay at Home Orders on Court Ordered Parenting Plans

On Behalf of | May 11, 2020 | Child Custody & Visitation |

There has been much discussion in the community about what the stay at home orders mean for people trying to adhere to parenting plans. Governor Inslee has said that the stay at home orders are not meant to interfere with following court ordered parenting plans. Furthermore, he “encourages parents who are co-parenting under a parenting plan to communicate with one another during this difficult time in order to both maintain family relationships and to protect the best interests and health of each child.” However, every family has a different story and questions unique to their situation, which may not be covered by a one size fits all statement. 

Some common questions include what to do if:

  • You are sick, and have visitation scheduled with your children;
  • Your visitation is supervised, but the supervising agency is closed;
  • The other parent is withholding visitation or contact with your child;
  • The other parent or someone in their home has Covid-19 symptoms;
  • The child has Covid-19 symptoms;
  • You don’t feel that it is safe to allow the other parent to have visitation for some reason (such as they work in an essential job and are possibly exposed to the virus regularly).

You are not completely without recourse. Often times there are solutions to these problems, including in some instances telephonic hearings in court, mediation, and negotiation. Each situation has different solutions, and Clement Law Center can help with each of them. Please call us now. We offer a 25% discount to military members, first responders, healthcare workers, and employees of companies which subscribe to legal benefit discount plans.