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What you need to know about relocation after divorce

On Behalf of | May 26, 2020 | Relocation |

If you’re a parent who is preparing for divorce, there are several Washington laws that may have significant impact on your child custody agreement. For instance, have you thought about relocation? It’s never a good idea to assume that you can pick up and go where you like with your kids after you settle your divorce.

Many custody orders include terms that say one parent must seek the other’s approval before relocating with their children. This may even be true if your new location is in the same state as your old. If you’re a custodial parent, you typically have to send your ex a notice that states your intent to relocate.

When parents disagree about relocation issues, it can cause quite a stir. In fact, if your relationship with your ex is already contentious, an issue like this may prompt litigation. The good news is that wanting to relocate doesn’t necessarily have to lead to a long, drawn-out court battle. You and your co-parent might be able to negotiate an agreement without having to go to court, and the judge who oversees your case can simply approve or not approve your plan.

The Washington family court system always has children’s best interests in mind when a parent files a petition for relocation. There are numerous factors of consideration that may influence the court’s decision in the matter. Also, the request must be made in good faith for legitimate reasons, such as getting a new job, enrolling in college or wanting kids to be closer to extended family. At Clement Law Center, you can be confident that an experienced legal team can advocate on your behalf to help protect your parental rights regarding relocation or other child custody related issues.