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5 common signs of divorce

On Behalf of | Aug 26, 2020 | Divorce |

When couples get married, they don’t expect their relationship to ever fall apart someday. You might believe that everything is fine, but then your spouse suddenly files for divorce. Being blindsided can make the experience even more shocking than anything else.

Recognizing the signs of an imminent divorce can help you protect yourself. Of course, every relationship is different, but these common behaviors can offer guidance for Washington adults who are worried about their marriage.

1. Unresponsive interactions

A spouse distancing themselves is common in troubled marriages and can take many forms. If your spouse seems unresponsive to your attempts at communicating or interacting, you have the right to be concerned.

2. Everything turns into a fight

All couples disagree sometimes, and not all fights mean there’s divorce on the horizon. However, if small issues regularly blow up and disagreements quickly turn hostile, it can be a concern. For example, if asking your spouse to do the dishes or take out the trash turns into a serious fight, there might be something deeper bothering your spouse.

3. Lack of intimacy

A change in displays of affection and intimacy is another common indicator of a looming divorce. Of course, libido can change and fluctuate over the length of a marriage due to other reasons such as stress, but if the passion between you and your spouse has dwindled, it may be a sign to take a hard look at your marriage.

4. Increased focus on other relationships

Many spouses who are considering divorce tend to focus on relationships outside of the marriage. These external relationships provide them with the emotional connection they’re no longer getting in the marriage. Your spouse could pay more attention to the kids, devote more time at work with colleagues or frequently meet up with their friends.

5. Disinterest in therapy

Not all couples go straight to divorce if they’re having trouble in their marriage. Counseling can provide spouses with the chance to work through their issues and start anew. However, if you have tried counseling already or your spouse refuses to attend, divorce might be the best next step.

If you believe your marriage is nearing divorce, it can be advantageous to get ahead of it. By talking with a family law attorney, you can prepare for what’s coming and protect yourself from the challenges of separation.