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The benefits of employing mediation in a divorce

On Behalf of | Jan 12, 2022 | Divorce |

The process of ending a marriage is complex and overwhelming, especially when there is conflict between the two parties regarding the terms of the final order. Washington couples often want to find ways to reduce contention during their divorce, making the process simpler and easier for all involved. Mediation is a process that allows the two parties to reach reasonable agreements to any remaining issues that need resolution before the divorce can be final.

Mediation offers a way for two spouses to work through issues that may lead to costly and lengthy disputes in a traditional divorce. With the help of a neutral third-party, spouses will discuss and reach agreements on outstanding matters that may include everything from child custody to division of marital property. In many mediated divorces, couples are able to save time and money by avoiding the litigation process.

Is it the best choice for you?

Mediation is not necessarily the ideal choice for every divorce. Even if there are remaining issues to resolve between you and the other party, mediation could work for you. The role of the mediator is to encourage conversations, ask questions and cultivate negotiations that could lead to a final order that is reasonable, sustainable and satisfactory for both of you. Common reasons why divorcing spouses often consider mediation include:

  • This process promotes compromise and more reasonable outcomes.
  • It allows both parties to have a stronger say in the outcome of their divorce.
  • Both spouses will have the opportunity to express concerns that are important to them.
  • A mediated divorce generally takes less time to complete than a litigated divorce.
  • Because it takes less time to complete, a mediated divorce is generally less expensive than a contested divorce.
  • Mediation allows you to create final order that will make the most sense for the unique needs of your family.

Before you make any important decisions regarding your divorce, you may want to consider how mediation could offer you the most practical way to approach this complex legal and financial process. As with any choices you have during this time, it will be in your interests to make decisions based on what will make the most sense for you long-term. It may be helpful to seek an understanding of the specific benefits mediation may offer for your specific situation.