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Don’t allow social media to sabotage your divorce

On Behalf of | Sep 1, 2022 | Divorce |

Like many Washington adults, you may have profiles on different social media accounts. You may post pictures, connect with friends and even use your account to express your feelings about certain things. While you have the right to use your social media accounts as you see fit, it will be helpful to remember that what you say and do online during a divorce could ultimately impact your final order and the complexity of the divorce proceedings.  

Many believe that it is prudent to simply remain off social media completely during a divorce. Anything posted by either spouse is potential evidence, and even a seemingly benign statement could turn into a weapon used by one spouse against the other in a contentious divorce battle. It is in your interests to keep certain thoughts and feelings offline and out of public view until your divorce is final. 

Protect your information 

When polled, a significant number of divorce attorneys stated that they had clients use social media content to prove infidelity and other actions that could be part of a divorce proceeding. Previous posts, recent pictures and other content is all accessible once posted, even if you have a private account or delete your posts. In reality, there is no such thing as privacy on the internet. Consider the following advice about social media use during a divorce: 

  • Avoid saying anything negative or making statements that could be harmful to someone else. 
  • Google yourself and determine if there is any content online you want to remove. 
  • Change your privacy settings to ensure you have the most security possible. 
  • Don’t discuss details of your divorce case online. 
  • If you do post, keep your posts positive. 
  • Don’t post pictures that could be an invasion of the other party’s privacy. 
  • Do not disparage the other spouse online, and do not post details about your separation agreement. 

If you remain on social media during your divorce, it is in your interests to be cautious and careful about how you choose to use these platforms. Before you post, consider the potential impact of what you say, and if you are unsure of how someone could perceive it or possibly use it against you, avoid saying it altogether. In some cases, posts on social media can become a focal point of a divorce proceeding, and a spouse could attempt to use posts to sway the case in his or her favor.