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What is imputed income?

Part of your responsibility as a parent is to provide financially for your child. Courts in Washington take this responsibility very seriously when it comes to ordering child support, taking many different factors into consideration to determine how much each parent should pay. The amount of money that you and your ex make is only one factor. According to FindLaw, if your spouse takes steps to artificially lower the amount of his or income in an attempt to pay less in child support, the court may award you child support based on the amount that your ex has the capacity to earn rather than his or her actual income. The term for your ex's earning capacity is imputed income.

Collaborative divorce can help avoid emotional pitfalls

Washington couples thinking about divorce may have heard all of the horror stories about long, drawn-out court battles, hidden assets and destructive fights. While divorce often carries serious financial and emotional consequences, not every marriage that ends needs to be accompanied by the harshest legal tactics and financial conflicts. Many partners benefit from a collaborative approach to divorce, which aims to minimize damage to all parties while also protecting their legal rights.

Major reasons people choose to divorce

There are a number of issues that may lead couples in Washington to decide to end their marriage. Whether those incompatibilities were evident from the beginning of the relationship or a breach of trust shattered the relationship, a significant number of people choose to divorce even after years of marriage. While every situation is unique, there are some contributing factors that are more common than others. One study looked at people who had participated in a premarital communication program, interviewing those who had divorced 14 years after the initial program.

A newly divorced spouse may benefit from a financial team

Most people getting a divorce in Washington, or anywhere else in the nation, face many changes during the transition to single life. For a dependent spouse who previously relied on their ex's assortment of financial professionals, it's sometimes tempting to get a new team of advisers. However, it may be difficult for a newly single adult to get a clean break or fresh start if they fail to choose financial advisers more in line with their personal needs and goals.

Marrying an attractive person could result in divorce

When a Washington state resident marries someone who is more attractive than he or she is, it could spell trouble for the relationship. Men who marry a more attractive woman could still be headed for divorce even if they are attentive to the needs of their wives. There are a couple of different reasons as to why this may be the case. In some relationships, the less attractive partner sabotages the relationship because of jealousy.

Handling depression after a divorce

For some people, bringing their marriage to an end can be especially upsetting. The divorce process can generate a great deal of anxiety, uncertainty and even anger. Moreover, it can also trigger depression and there are various reasons why someone in Federal Way or another Washington city may feel sad after splitting up with their spouse. For example, they may be having a hard time adjusting to life without their marital partner, or they could be upset because they are not able to spend as much time with their kids or due to the financial repercussions of divorce (property distribution, child support, alimony payments and so on).

Infidelity and divorce mediation

Each divorce is different, from a case which involves disagreement over raising a child to a couple simply growing apart from one another. Sometimes, marriages are ended over infidelity, and this has become increasingly common in the information age as a result of various apps and dating websites. When infidelity occurs, some people may become extremely upset with their spouse, so much so that they are no longer able to maintain contact. In other instances, a couple may be able to work together while bringing their marriage to an end, by turning to a mediator for example.

Why tackling debt is important in a marriage

In a study by Fidelity, around half of all couples said they were in debt when they entered their partnerships. Nearly half disagreed about who was responsible, and 40 percent reported that their relationship was negatively affected by the debt. Washington couples may want to prioritize paying down their debt, and if this is not possible, they might want to consider creating a pre- or postnuptial agreement that specifies their financial responsibilities.

Ending your marriage due to drug addiction

We have written extensively about various divorce topics on our blog, but it is important to approach each and every divorce from an individualized point of view. If you are bringing your marriage to an end, there may be numerous details surrounding your divorce that will necessitate taking a different approach. There are also a vast array of reasons why people split up with their spouse, such as ending a marriage because of a partner's drug addiction. Our law office understands how this can be an especially complicated and emotional experience for some people in Federal Way and across Washington.