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By the numbers--how collaborative divorce works

Since collaborative divorce has become an option in the state of Washington, it has been gaining in popularity. Couples who wish to end their marriage come together in meetings with their attorneys, during which they work to find common ground that will result in an amicable divorce agreement.

Staying in contact with your children from a distance

If you are having to relocate following a divorce, it can be difficult to imagine living hundreds or even thousands of miles away from your children. Technology makes it easier to keep up with your kids these days, but you will have to make an effort. You cannot put the burden on your children to reach out to you. 

Failure to Comply With Child Support Orders Can Affect Professional Lives

When a person ordered to pay child support in Washington fails to comply with that order, it can have serious implications for their professional lives. Child support enforcement is based on both federal and state laws, with a range of options available to enforcement agencies to compel people to make payments.

How Will Your Washington Divorce Impact Your Small Business?

You were once a power couple, building your net worth and striving towards bigger and better goals together. Now, in the painful aftermath of a union that no longer works, you are wondering what will happen to all you have built. In a high asset divorce, business ownership is a common obstacle. Overcoming it equitably is a challenge.

Military Divorce And Custody In Washington

Your divorce is finally done and the final judgment has been filed. You have custody of your children, but the military is going to throw a monkey wrench into your plans because you know that your spouse is going to use a deployment against you to gain the custody you fought so hard for. Washington provides policy for these situations via RCW 26.09.260(1).

Dividing military pension benefits in divorce can be a minefield

When one or both spouses in a Washington divorce are active or retired military personnel it is important that each of them seek legal advice from an experienced family lawyer. A Washington attorney who advises either party in a military divorce must be up to date on complicated federal laws governing military retirement and disability benefits and the complex interplay of those federal laws with Washington divorce laws governing property division and spousal maintenance.

What Will Washington Courts Consider In Child Custody Modification Cases?

After a divorce has been finalized and a custody plan is in place, things often can and do change in the parents' and child's lives. If the original custody order is no longer working, either parent or other custodial adult can work with a lawyer to petition the courts for a modification to the plan.

Collaborative Divorce Can Benefit Some High-Net-Worth Couples

Two issues that are usually important to divorcing couples when they own property of considerable worth are the placement of fair values on their assets and the preservation of family privacy. Aspects of collaborative divorce - a creative, modern alternative to traditional divorce litigation - are conducive to positive resolution of these issues for some families.