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Filing for divorce as a young couple

When some people think of those who go through the divorce process, they may have images of middle-aged or older couples in their head. However, there are also many younger couples who decide to call off their marriage. Young couples may have many pressures, from relocation and career challenges to less experience with long-term relationships and financial hardships. These difficulties can place some strain on a relationship and cause couples to grow apart, ultimately resulting in a divorce.

Protecting retirement assets during a late-in-life divorce

Some marriages in Washington start with dreams of eventually enjoying golden years together via solid retirement savings. However, legal unions don't always last forever as evidenced by the significant increase in so-called "gray divorces" since the 1990s. Starting over post-divorce presents challenges at any age. For older couples, however, transitioning back to a single life could mean having to manage the same expenses with half as much income. This could jeopardize retirement assets.

Concerns for older adults during divorce

"Gray divorce" is a name often applied to the phenomenon of people 50 and older getting a divorce, and it has doubled since 1990. Older divorced adults in Washington may be more prone to health problems as a result of the chronic stress associated with divorce. Depression and anxiety can lead to insomnia, a weakened immune system, overeating and alcohol abuse. It can also worsen medical conditions such as high blood pressure, heart disease and diabetes.

How a prenup may be helpful in a divorce

A prenuptial agreement may be a good idea for some Washington couples, but they may be concerned about how their families will react or worry that having the prenup could affect the stability of their relationship. Although it may be difficult to talk about issues such as debt or bankruptcy, a prenup can actually help open the lines of communication.

Addressing loneliness after your divorce

Often, a great deal of focus is placed on divorce issues such as child support, custody or property division. Though these are all potentially complicated aspects of divorce which need to be dealt with carefully, there are many other challenges that people may have to work through during and after the process of divorce. For example, some people may feel a sense of loneliness after they split up with their spouse, for multiple reasons. Not only can it be difficult for some people to adjust to single life, but they may feel lonely for other reasons, such as missing their child following a custody dispute.

Divorce more common among older couples

Divorce has become more common among people in many demographics in Washington, including older people. Marriage separation also hits certain families harder. For example, the daughters of divorced parents are 60 percent more likely to divorce while the sons of divorced parents are 35 percent more likely to end their marriages. Despite these alarming statistics, divorce rates in general have remained steady or even decreased in recent years.

Online affairs and the decision to divorce

In the digital era, there have been many changes when it comes to communication and accessing information. Social media, for example, has significantly changed the way in which many people stay in touch with loved ones and connect with strangers. Unfortunately, technology can also have some drawbacks. For example, people may carry out an affair over the internet and this could cause their spouse to decide to file for a divorce once they discover what their partner has been up to. Whether you have been accused of an online affair or your spouse has been cheating on you through an app, it is vital to approach your divorce properly.

Financial security after divorce

In Washington state, women who are going through divorces often worry about whether they will be able to retire on time and what their financial situation might be afterwards. While women who divorce might not be as well off overall as women who remain married, a study published in June indicates that they are better off than women who have never married.

Financial considerations of divorce

Couples considering divorce typically understand that this process can take some time and may impact many areas of their lives. Couples who have a child, for example, will need to consider custody arrangements. Couples with large numbers of assets will need to determine how they will separate those. It's important that couples who plan to separate understand that divorce also brings with it certain financial considerations that may impact the future of each person involved.