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Is divorce mediation the right option?

Every family is different. Because no two families bring the same needs or experiences to the table, it also makes sense that no two divorce filings are identical, which is why couples may wish to determine the best way to settle their divorce. Making the decision to split up can be difficult, so an attorney may be able to provide insight about the best way to proceed.

Case over ex-spouses getting exoneree compensation goes to trial

A first-of-its-kind case out of Texas this month has a lot of people here in Washington seeing how complicated things can get when criminal law and family law are in contention. It's also making lawmakers across the country reconsider whether their own state laws are equipped to handle a similar situation in the future.

What to know when moving out and moving on from a divorce

When the housing market bubble burst, a collective groan range out across the country among married couples who were preparing for a divorce. Though this would mean cheaper rental properties top move into, it also meant depressed home prices that offered little return on their investment. As a result, many divorced couples bit the bullet and decided to continue living together despite the dissolution of the marriage. But for those couples who couldn't manage this arrangement, navigating the housing market became an even bigger challenge.