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Reviewing reasons for relocating after divorce

Couples break up for countless reasons, and it is important to remember how the circumstances surrounding divorce vary from one case to another. Some couples have many kids together and struggle with custody matters, while others may be childless but could face divorce challenges due to their assets. If you have children, all sorts of legal matters may be on the table, from child support to custody. However, you may also be thinking about relocating, or your spouse may want to move with your child, in which case you will have to look into parental relocation issues.

Long-distance parenting and your parenting plan

Moving away from your child may be heart-wrenching, even though it is necessary. However, leaving Washington does not mean leaving your child's life. At Clement Law Center, our legal team often helps parents who are relocating to craft a parenting plan that keeps them from losing contact with their children.

Relocation may be a sticking point in divorce

Child custody agreements may be difficult to work out for Washington couples going through a divorce, but these issues are often compounded when one or both parents plan to relocate. Divorce often means starting a new life, and this may mean moving in order to take advantage of new opportunities. When children are involved in the relocation process, there may be additional challenges to face that pertain to visitation, physical custody, orders for child support payments and reimbursement for travel costs.

Finding the courage to relocate with your child

Parental relocation can certainly be challenging and we have written blog entries about various legal matters that may arise from relocation. Often times, parental relocation comes with the benefits of new work opportunities and a fresh start. However, it is also important to note that some people struggle with parental relocation, and we are not just speaking about non-custodial parents who stay behind. For some parents, moving to a new state or even a new city with their child can be incredibly difficult after their divorce, even though such a move may be in their best interests.

Parental relocation and back-to-school season

For many parents, it's almost that time of year again. The season when kids return to school, which can bring a number of stressors (such as buying clothes for school or supplies) and necessitate revisions to an entire family's routine. For some, this year's back-to-school season may be especially challenging. For example, those who have recently gone through a divorce or are dealing with other family law matters (such as disputes over child custody) may have a particularly tough time helping their kids work through these changes. This may also be true for some parents who are relocating in the wake of a divorce.

Talking to your child about post-divorce relocation

As a parent, you likely have many different challenges to work through in the wake of your divorce. Or, perhaps you are in the early stages of the process and are thinking about how splitting up with your spouse could affect your life. Either way, there are many stressors when it comes to the end of marriage, especially for parents. Not only do child support payments and custody disputes become problematic in some instances, but there are other legal matters involving children as well, such as parental relocation. Moreover, these issues are not only challenging for parents but can also be difficult for kids.

Should you relocate after divorce?

Since your Washington divorce, you may have struggled to make ends meet in a location that was only affordable with two incomes. While your current job and prospects in the area limit you, there are opportunities in other states that would greatly improve the quality of life for you and your child. However, as the Huffington Post notes, child custody can seriously complicate relocation, especially if the other parent objects.

Divorce, relocation and stress

There are many facets of the divorce process that can be challenging, especially for a parent. From custody disputes to child support orders and other divorce-related matters (property division, etc.), the end of a marriage can be a challenging time for anyone. With all of these issues, it should come as no surprise that many people experience stress during the divorce process and in the weeks and months after a divorce is finalized. Moreover, some people decide to relocate with their child in the wake of a divorce for a number of reasons, which can lead to even more stress and emotional tension.

The end of marriage and child relocation

Deciding to bring your marriage to an end may be tough, but there are times when couples realize that moving forward is necessary. Sometimes, the divorce process is relatively straightforward, while others, such as those who have children, may run into a number of challenges concerning family law. From child support to a custody dispute, legal issues involving children are often quite emotional and can have a significant impact on the futures of parents and children alike. Moreover, a parent may have uncertainty or concerns about relocating with their child after they have split up in Federal Way, or another Washington city.