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Effectively Handling Paternity And Parentage Claims

Clement Law Center has represented both mothers and fathers in paternity actions in King County, Pierce County and other counties in Washington State. We help mothers and fathers establish paternity in order to resolve issues of custody, visitation and child support.

Some attorneys try to nurture a reputation by always arguing for “mothers’ rights” or “fathers’ rights.” Many judges end up discounting the arguments of these attorneys — the judges get tired of the same old diatribes. At Clement Law Center, we have consciously avoided being labeled as always pro-father or pro-mother in order to preserve our reputation in the courts for aggressive but professionally objective representation.

We can help clients file the proper forms with the court, and then represent our clients in any needed court proceedings to establish visitation schedules, authorize or change custody, get a DNA test, or establish child support arrears.

Affidavit/Acknowledgement of paternity is a sworn affirmation signed by both parents, usually at birth. The mother can use it directly to demand child support and the father can use it immediately to petition for custody or visitation.

Petition for Establishment of Parentage is the first step if paternity has not been acknowledged. The court authorizes a DNA test to conclusively prove if a man is the father.

Denial of paternity is a process by which a presumed father is relieved of parental rights and obligations because another man is legally identified as the father.

Clement Law Center is well experienced in the issues of paternity, custody, visitation and child support. We have handled routine paternity cases, as well as more complicated cases such as a husband who discovers that he is not the biological father of his wife’s children. The most common scenario, however, involves unmarried parents who have broken up after having a baby together, in which one parent is withholding visitation for good reason — or for no reason at all.

Guiding Parents Through Paternity Claims

The DNA test cannot normally be blocked, and parental rights and responsibilities cannot normally be waived without a court order. A father can be compelled to provide financial support, and a mother can be compelled to share custody. Our lawyers’ role is to:

  • Advise parents in working out a residential schedule for custody and visitation.
  • Represent either party in contested proceedings, such as petitions to grant or deny visitation.
  • Make sure that current and back child support is calculated correctly.

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