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CPS Lawyer Defending Allegations of Child Abuse And Neglect

It can happen to any parent. There is a knock at the door, and it is Child Protective Services asking to speak to you about a report of abuse or neglect. Any person can report what they believe to be an instance of child abuse or neglect, and then it is usually one social worker who investigates and makes a determination if the report is founded or unfounded.

A founded report will affect a person’s ability to volunteer at school, to be a coach, to participate as an adult leader in youth organizations such as scouting, or even to foster a child. Further, a determination of “founded” can impact your job, affect security clearances at work, and will affect your ability to be a teacher or work at a nursing home.

Contact Clement Law Center immediately if Washington CPS has questioned you, if you believe you are under investigation for abuse or neglect, or if your children have already been removed from your home. Our family law attorneys will assert your parental rights and stand up for your right to due process. We will help you fight a CPS removal or guide you and represent you in the legal process of getting your kids back.

Proactive Advocacy For Parents Facing The CPS Nightmare

It is devastating when the state makes decisions that have such broad consequences and can result in the taking of your child from your home. At times, it seems that CPS’ actions can act to the detriment of the same children and families that CPS seeks to protect. As parents, you have many rights and challenging a large bureaucratic organization and its oversights is not a lost cause.

Clement Law Center has successfully represented many clients in challenging CPS findings and administrative law decisions, and can help you understand your rights and navigate the child welfare system. Before joining our firm, Desmond Kolke was a solo practitioner in both family law and criminal law. He has years of specific experience representing parents in CPS cases in King and Pierce counties. He has also defended parents facing criminal prosecution for allegations of physical abuse, sexual abuse or criminal neglect of children.

Please Reach Out Right Away

We are not here to judge, we are here to help. As your CPS lawyers, our job is to keep the government in check and fight an unfounded or unfair removal. We can also serve as your liaisons with county and state officials and the family courts to help you reunite with your children after taking steps to demonstrate that you are fit to resume parenting.

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