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What custody interference is

Not all relationships and marriages end on good terms. Former couples may continue to have disagreements with each other even after their relationship has ended. The hostilities may be particularly elevated if kids are involved. This may especially be the case if one parent tries to prevent the other from gaining access to their children.

Considering options for child custody schedules

One of the hardest things about getting a divorce can be figuring out child custody. Even if parents are on the same page about the amount of time their children will spend with each parent, it can be challenging to find a schedule that works for everyone. Luckily, there are many options for divorcing parents in Washington to consider.

Keep the family calendar and make getting a divorce much easier.

For those in the state of Washington who will be getting a divorce this year, there is one important item that certainly should not be thrown out. The family calendar could come in very handy when trying to decide child custody and support issues, and it is a great predictor of what the custodial parent might need in order to maintain the current lifestyle the children are accustomed to.

Co-parenting after a high-conflict divorce

Many divorced parents in Washington struggle with the new realities of co-parenting. It can be emotionally draining and logistically difficult to go from being with the kids 100% of the time to sharing them with a former partner. While these challenges can emerge even in amicable divorce situations, the situation can be much worse in a high-conflict divorce. This is especially true when one of the partners is toxic, narcissistic or otherwise disruptive, even if their behavior does not rise to the level of child abuse or neglect. Despite the personal conflicts that remain, parents have a responsibility to put the best interests of their children first.

Planning to reschedule a child custody hearing?

When Washington parents decide to end their marriage, dealing with child custody matters can be one of the most emotionally draining tasks. Kids themselves may have a hard time with the divorce, and many parents may feel as if the system is stacked against them. These feelings of frustration can multiply if a parent learns that a child custody or child support hearing has been scheduled for an inconvenient or inaccessible place and time. Whether the parent is traveling, has an unavoidable work conflict or has moved out of state, there are many reasons why it may be difficult or impossible to attend a hearing in person on a specific day.

Sharing custody successfully is possible

Washington residents who are co-parenting might worry about the way the parents' relationship can affect the children, particularly if the split between the parents was not amicable. However, parents can co-parent their children in a positive environment even when they might not like each other very much.

When a parent would endanger a child in custody cases

When some Washington parents divorce, one of them may have concerns about the safety of their children when they are with the other parent. When they have true fears that their children's other parent places them in danger, they should speak up and inform the court about their concerns. Courts will investigate threats of violence, domestic violence, and allegations of abuse before they make child custody decisions.