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Couples should not overlook life insurance in a divorce

Washington divorces are complicated enough, but couples going through them should take note of the fact that there may be issues beyond property division, custody and child support. People must be aware of the fact that life insurance in a divorce can be an issue, especially when there are situations where one spouse is responsible for providing certain things for the children or even paying alimony.

Why people may want to settle their divorce before trial

By the time that some Washington couples decide to divorce, they may have a very contentious relationship. It might seem that they cannot speak to each other without arguing and it might seem that the only path to divorce is through a lengthy and contested trial. Couples divorcing more amicably often find it easier to reach a settlement between themselves, but even spouses in a higher-conflict relationship might find advantages to negotiating an agreement before going to trial. There are various concerns that people may keep in mind when determining their strategy to move forward with a divorce.

Why women seek divorce more than men

Washington husbands might be less likely to file for divorce than their wives. The American Sociological Association reported in a 2015 study that women initiated divorce nearly 70% of the time. The reasons for this may include a lack of emotional and career support and too little help with child care and housework.

Social Security benefit rules for divorced spouses

About one in five retired couples in Washington and around the country rely on their Social Security checks to provide virtually all of their income, and older spouses sometimes remain in unhappy marriages because they fear losing these benefits will leave them unable to make ends meet. However, the Social Security Administration has options in place for people that could allow them to live comfortably in retirement even if they choose to divorce.