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Posts tagged "Child Custody And Visitation"

Child custody: Jeremy Renner files complaint against ex

Washington parents often encounter challenges regarding child-related issues after divorce. Signing a child custody agreement can pertain to any number of topics, such as visitation, legal custody or even financial issues. The latter is the focus in a complaint filed by actor Jeremy Renner regarding his former spouse's handling of monies that were reportedly placed in trust for his daughter.

What custody interference is

Not all relationships and marriages end on good terms. Former couples may continue to have disagreements with each other even after their relationship has ended. The hostilities may be particularly elevated if kids are involved. This may especially be the case if one parent tries to prevent the other from gaining access to their children.

Child custody: Washington parents can learn from celebrities

Most family court judges would agree that children are adaptable and fare best in divorce when their parents are willing to compromise and cooperate for their sake. Washington parents are not always able to achieve amicable child custody agreements on their own, however. In fact, there have also been many celebrities who have sought the court's intervention to help them resolve child-related disputes.

Child custody: Jon Gosselin and ex still fighting

When Washington married couples who are parents decide to divorce, they must resolve numerous issues pertaining to their children. The court's ultimate goal is always to make child custody decisions that protect the children's best interests. Problems may arise, however, if the parents in question disagree about what's best for their kids. This has been an ongoing problem between former reality TV star Jon Gosselin and his ex wife, Kate.

Divorce can be complex, especially later in life

There is no way to predict which Washington marriages will last a lifetime and which will not. Any number of issues may arise that a particular couple determines are irreparable. In such cases, a spouse might file for divorce, and the later in life that this occurs, the more complex proceedings might be.

What could be more important than child custody and visitation?

There are many important issues that must be resolved when a Washington couple decides to divorce. However, when they happen to be parents, child custody and visitation naturally takes top priority in proceedings. Children's lives often undergo significant changes when their parents divorce.

If child custody is denied, what about visitation?

When Washington parents decide to divorce, the court ultimately either approves a parent-devised custody plan or steps in to make decisions regarding child custody and other issues if parents cannot resolve such issues themselves. While every case is unique, the court always has children's best interests in mind. In some situations, this might include ruling that the children in question would be best off living full time with one only one of their two parents. That does not mean the other parent cannot request visitation, however.