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Posts tagged "same-sex couples"

How divorce can affect same-sex marriage and retirement benefits

The Social Security Administration recently announced that it had begun processing some of the first claims for retirement benefits in the United States for same-sex couples. This was likely good news for many same-sex couples here in Washington because they can now apply for government benefits as a couple rather than separately. But along with this change comes a significant problem worth noting to our readers.

Didn't sign a prenup? Try a postnup instead

No, you didn't read the title of this post incorrectly. We did indeed say the word postnup; but as many of our readers may be wondering: what is a postnuptial agreement and what could it mean for same-sex couples in the state?

DOMA decision creating both opportunity and complications

This legislative session of the U.S. Supreme Court might be defined as being one of the most influential because of the landmark decisions it had to make in recent months. Perhaps no two were more important than the rulings regarding same-sex marriage and whether these couples should have the same rights as heterosexual couples in the eyes of the federal government.

'Pregnant man' appeals judge's rejection of divorce petition

Many residents here in Washington may be familiar with the story of the 'pregnant man.' He first entered the spotlight when he appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Show in 2008. Originally born a woman, he is now legally considered a man and has even carried all three of his and his wife's children. But while the 'pregnant man', also known as Thomas Beatie, was used to scrutiny from the public, nothing could prepare him for the difficulties he would face later on in life.

How will the repeal of DOMA affect same-sex couples and divorce?

Residents in Washington are no strangers to the civil rights battle currently swirling around same-sex couples. Only just recently allowed to marry here in Washington, same-sex couples have fought years of prejudice to be able to marry their significant other. But now it appears that they are fighting a new battle: the right to divorce.