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Parallel parenting is an option for high conflict couples

Washington parents considering a split are generally prepared for animosity during the initial divorce or child custody proceedings. Conflict between parents is a major cause of stress for children who are already going through a dramatic reshaping of their world. The best-case scenario involves parents being able to put aside personal feelings to put focus on the best interests of the children in a collaborative co-parenting relationship. Unfortunately, that is not always possible. An alternative structure is a parallel parenting arrangement under which the parents communicate as little as possible and focus strictly on controlling their end of the arrangement. As with any parenting relationship, a parallel arrangement has its challenges.

Parents often struggle over child custody issues

When parents in Washington decide to divorce, child custody can be one of the most emotionally painful and logistically difficult issues. Both mothers and fathers often lament that they receive unfair treatment in family court on child custody issues. That's why the process often leads to a great deal of bitterness. This can be especially troubling when both parents will need to work together for years in the future for parenting issues related to the children.

Best way to deal with custody and the holidays

For many people in Washington, the holidays present the opportunity to celebrate and spend more time with family and friends. For newly-divorced parents, however, this time of the year can be extremely hard. It typically means spending less time with their children than normal and, if the parents cannot agree on how to divide time, it can also be stressful and infuriating.  

Child custody and multi-cultural families

When it comes to a dispute which involves child custody, there are so many factors to consider and each case is different. Sometimes there are especially complicated custody cases, such as those which involve a multi-cultural family. Custody matters can be especially complicated when they involve parents who are from different cultures for various reasons. First, parents may have different viewpoints on custody and other family law issues. Second, some cases involve a parent who wishes to relocate to another country with their child, which can be especially difficult.

Grandparent's rights in Washington

Given the strong bond that many grandparents in Federal Way establish with their grandchildren, one might assume that the law recognizes their right have to continued access to their grandchildren should situational changes restrict it. After all, one might argue that continuing a relationship with a grandparent would certainly be in a child's best interests. However, recent years have seen the issue of grandparent visitation in Washington become increasingly complex. 

Same-sex divorce and child custody

Any couple who works through the divorce process may face challenges. However, same-sex couples in Federal Way and all over the state of Washington may face a particularly difficult time when they decide to end their marriage, especially with important issues such as child custody. For example, some may believe that they will not be able to have any custody rights because they are not the biological parent of a child. However, it is vital to know what your legal rights are as you approach the divorce process and familiarize yourself with the laws in Washington.

Deployment and child custody

For members of the military and those they love, daily life can be challenging for different reasons, especially when it comes to deployment. Divorce-related legal issues can make things even harder and those which involve children, such a custody dispute or the pursuit of visitation rights, are often very emotional. If you are being deployed, or if your child's other parent is going to be deployed soon, it is crucial to work through these matters carefully. With so much at stake, finding the right course of action for your circumstances is essential.

Managing emotions and your visitation rights

As a non-custodial parent, you could be facing all sorts of challenges each day. Perhaps you are struggling with depression following your recent divorce or maybe you have high levels of anxiety due to the financial changes that ending your marriage has brought on (child support payments, alimony, marital property division, etc.). However, custody issues and visitation can be especially difficult for a parent who has recently split up with his or her marital partner and it is essential for you to know what your rights are and take the appropriate course of action if you wish to spend more time with your child.

The impact of social media on custody proceedings

It is easy for those going through divorce proceedings to allow their emotions to get the best of them. Most dedicate a great deal of effort to remaining composed during actual hearings, choosing instead to vent their frustrations behind closed doors. This is fine, yet only if one does it wisely. Soon-to-be divorcees in Federal Way may be shocked to discover just how quickly and easily comments that they make in certain forums (such as social media) can be used against them during their proceedings. 

Co-parenting often requires compromise

Divorced parents in Washington may face a variety of challenges as they raise their children. For instance, it may be tough to reconcile the different parenting styles that each person may have. However, it can be easier to work together when both parents realize that their focus should be on the child. In some cases, this means being flexible and learning to develop positive relationships with each other.