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An Established, Respected Washington Law Firm Serving Families And Individuals

Families and individuals seek legal services to help with changes such as divorce or the modification of child custody arrangements. Their attorneys’ experience and skills are critical considerations for those in need of guidance and representation. At Clement Law Center in the Seattle area and beyond, clients find trustworthy counsel in these and other practice areas:

In all family law matters, our attorneys guide clients in directions that will help them protect their futures. People often ask for help to preserve financial stability and strong parent-child relationships despite divorce or separation. Past clients have expressed appreciation for our caring, courteous and attentive style.

Other Practice Areas For Other Areas Of Life

Besides family law, our firm is known for robust representation in personal injury cases and estate planning for single and married people. Are you looking for zealous advocacy after a car crash or a serious slip-and-fall accident? Do you need to update your will and other parts of your estate plan? Our attorneys are ready to guide you through these and other legal issues.

We will listen attentively, explain legal concepts clearly, and help you create or update testamentary documents that accurately express your wishes. We will help you put into writing your health care choices if you become incapacitated as well as the distribution of your assets after your death.

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