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Mediation And Alternative Dispute Resolution

Professional Mediation Service You Can Rely On

Mediation is highly effective for resolving the difficult disputes in divorce and family law, and personal injury actions. In fact, Washington law requires that parties try out-of-court dispute resolution before contested cases can go to trial.

Clement Law Center offers mediation services for personal injury and family law cases, including custody disputes, property division and related conflicts in King, Pierce and Thurston counties.

Federal Way family law and personal injury mediator Bruce Clement has more than 20 years of experience in family law and is one of the few experienced family law mediators in South King County.

If you are interested in mediation services, please let us know immediately. As a mediator, Mr. Clement must remain neutral. He cannot mediate a dispute after providing legal advice or representation to either spouse. Contact us today to schedule a mediation. We welcome military families, including personnel from JBLM.

Our Mediation Services

Mediation is a form of dispute which is that serves as an alternative to having your legal issue resolved by a court. Mediation services are appropriate whenever the parties are attempting to resolve a dispute that is currently in litigation, has previously been litigated, or may result in litigation at a future date. To avoid any conflict of interest, Clement Law Center will provide mediation services only if neither you nor the other party has ever retained or consulted with Clement Law Center.

Mediation service must be scheduled at least two weeks in advance, subject to availability. Mediation sessions will be scheduled beginning at either 9 a.m. or 2 p.m., Monday through Thursday. Mediation may be rescheduled for a $50 administrative fee. Rescheduling must occur at least five business days before the scheduled mediation.

Notice of cancellation of a mediation session must be received by Clement Law Center at least five business days before the scheduled session. Session fees will be refunded to the parties, minus a $100 administrative fee per party. If a session is not timely canceled or rescheduled, the entire mediation fee for both parties is forfeited.

After a mediation session, if an additional session is scheduled at the request of the par the above following policies regarding payment will apply.


Fees for mediation services at Clement Law Center are as follows:

  • $1,120 flat fee per three-hour session; additional time at $280 per hour, to be paid at the end of the session.
  • Each party must pay one half of the mediation fee ($560) prior to scheduling.
  • We accept payments by credit cards, cashier’s check, or money order.

Types Of Mediation

Parties may participate in mediation individually or with one other person (an attorney, friend, or relative). There are two types of mediation: facilitated mediation and settlement conference mediation.

In Facilitated Mediation:

  • All parties are in one room.
  • The parties determine the results; the mediator directs the process.
  • The mediator facilitates dialogue but does not make settlement recommendations.
  • Attorneys rarely participate; when they do it is a supportive (not advisory) role.

In Settlement Conference Mediation:

  • The parties are normally in two separate rooms.
  • The mediator confers with the parties “shuttle style.”
  • The mediator directs the process and is evaluative.
  • Attorneys actively represent their clients in negotiations.
  • If you are represented, your attorney must be present.

What Materials Should You Bring?

Materials from each party must be received by Clement Law Center at least two working days prior to the scheduled mediation. The information concerning the trials must include the following:

  • Each party’s materials must have a cover letter with the names of the parties, the trial date and cause number of the court case (if any), a statement as to whether or not a protection order is in effect, the date of the mediation at Clement Law Center, and a concise statement of the party’s position on each issue to be mediated.
  • Copies of all materials sent to the mediator must also be provided to the opposing party.
  • The letter to the mediator and all attachments should not exceed 10 pages. Copies of current and proposed court orders are not included in the page limit.

The mediation letter and attachments may be mailed, delivered, faxed (253815-8458), or emailed ([email protected]) to Clement Law Center. If the mediation letter, exhibits, and current and proposed orders exceed 30 pages in length, all materials must be submitted by delivery or mailed to Clement Law Center (31919 1st Ave S., Suite 103, Federal Way, WA 98003).

At the conclusion of the mediation, all mediation materials submitted to the mediator will be shredded. If you want these materials to be returned, you must notify Clement Law Center prior to the mediation.

Contact A Qualified And Understanding Family Lawyer Today

Since alternative dispute resolution is required, why not make the most of it with a proven, credentialed family law mediator? Contact one of Clement Law Center‘s convenient locations in Federal Way, Seattle or Bellevue to arrange a free, initial consultation. Call us at 253-357-5395, or email us.