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We have served families around the greater Seattle-Tacoma area for more than 30 years. Our firm is also recognized and highly rated by our peers and clients. We take pride in our commendations, but even more so in the outcomes we obtain for our clients. You are important to us, and we are dedicated to protecting your best interests.

Our attorneys provide compassionate counsel, but we are aggressive advocates when we need to be. If it is necessary to take your legal matter to court, our trial lawyers are prepared.

Family Law

Family Law

Child Custody And Visitation

Child Custody & Visitation

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Military Family Law

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Estate Planning

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Personal Injury

Why Should You Choose Us?

Family law matters are often sensitive. They require knowledgeable advocacy and honesty, and you need to know you are choosing the right advocate for you and your family. At Clement Law Center, our lawyers are committed to providing:

Personal guidance:
We are responsive to what our clients need, when they need it. Our family lawyers are intimately involved in every case. We take the time to understand your family’s individual story, so we can tailor our service to meet your needs.

Innovative strategies:
You need an advocate who will work hard to achieve the results you deserve. We think outside of the box and craft creative solutions to your legal problems to help you through this difficult time efficiently.

Client Testimonials

An amazing attorney with a great staff.

Our family had spent 6 years trying to stabilize our grandson’s living situation with our ex-daughter-in-law, we consulted multiple lawyers to no avail until we found the Clement Law Center. Our son is an active duty soldier and was serving overseas when the last and worst crisis occurred. Because of Mr. Clement, we had the correct strategy in place. We were able to get our grandson to a place of safety and security until our son could return home, and in six months our son has full residential custody. It was a complicated case that began as a third party custody case and seamlessly transitioned to a parental (father) custody case. We always felt fully informed, the billing was clear and straight-forward. We always knew what we were paying for and we had an excellent month to month idea of what the bill would be. The outcome was both successful and priceless.

Family Law for Military member.

Bruce and his team provided excellent advice and professional, timely service. He proved very capable at excelling in a full range of actions from attorney exchanges to mediation, arbitration, and court hearings. He was candid about our position and made recommendations that were in my best interest even though I didn’t always listen to him! I would strongly recommend him to friends and colleagues.

Helped us Through a Challenging Time

My husband and I had a challenging case that was without precedent in Washington State. Dealing with legal troubles is never enjoyable but Mr. Clement and his staff were very professional and courteous and helped to talk us through each step of the process. They were very knowledgeable and conducted sound research which I’m sure helped our case a lot. When we went before the judge to present our case, the judge – having familiarity with and respect for Mr. Clement’s work – swiftly gave us a favorable result. While we hope that we won’t have to spend any more time in courtrooms, if we did have to, we would definitely call Mr. Clement back for his legal expertise. I’d highly recommend him as an attorney to any of my friends.

Professional, Honest, Thorough, and Courteous.

I am an active duty military member and hired Mr. Clement because I wanted an attorney who understood my lifestyle and concerns as a military member and parent. Mr. Clement’s background of military service met that requirement. He and his staff were exceptionally professional and competent, and exactly what I needed during a difficult time. Most importantly, they got the results I wanted. In addition to significant knowledge about the military, they were courteous, honest, thorough, and straightforward. I was so impressed with Clement Law Center, I recently hired them again. I would absolutely recommend Mr. Clement and his team to anyone, and especially to military members or dependents.

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