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Federal Way Family Law Office

With several law offices in the area, our firm offers clients in Washington convenience and versatility. Our Federal Way office often serves as a hub for service to active and retired military personnel and their spouses. Clients in need of family law counsel come from Pierce and King counties and elsewhere.

At this location, as well as in our other offices, we often receive inquiries from military personnel and spouses. They often live on or near Base Lewis-McChord, the Naval stations in Bremerton, Bangor and Everett and the Coast Guard station in Seattle, as well as in other military and civilian communities throughout the Seattle metro area and beyond. Some area residents with other military affiliations also value our strong reputation among military officers, troops, veterans and spouses.

Welcome – Military Personnel, Military Spouses And Civilians

Attorney Bruce Clement, our other attorneys, our helpful staff members and any experts who may assist with your case are here for you. They can help ensure that your future financial security and parental rights are in order. Seek their advice as you approach a military divorce or any family law matter in Washington state.

Attorney Clement retired as a lieutenant-colonel from the Army Reserves. He and our other lawyers are reliable advisers for both military and nonmilitary clients. Military clients receive a 25% discount on our usual fees because of our profound appreciation for their service. Our team is diligent to make sure that no applicable aspects of a client’s case fall through the cracks.

Property Division, Retirement Assets, Child Custody And Relocations And More

Get clear direction in your Washington divorce in terms of property division, spousal support (or alimony), child custody and/or child support. We can help you divide complex assets, including community property. We will help you protect your right to your separate property, your parental rights and your future well-being overall.

Legal advice and representation for military individuals, couples and families may include navigating the division of military incomes and assets such as retirement funds as well as realignment of military benefits for family members. Child custody may also be a concern. Explore issues such as these before moving forward with a divorce as a military member, veteran or spouse.

Bring your questions and challenges to our attention. If you will no longer be eligible for health care through your soon-to-be ex-spouse who is a service member, what will that mean to your alimony and/or property division settlement? Do you seek designation as the residential parent with whom your children will live most of the time? We can help you document evidence of your consistent hands-on parenting. We want you to be ready to negotiate or go to court for resolution of a parenting plan as necessary.

Serving All Branches Of The Armed Forces And The Public At Large

Whether you or your spouse serves in the United States Army, Navy, Marines, Coast Guard or Space Force, we are confident in our ability to help you address your family law challenges with confidence and in your and your children’s best interests. Our attorneys have decades of experience representing clients near Federal Way and elsewhere in the region.

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