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Decades Of Experience In Drug Crime Defense

Washington state has some of the toughest drug laws in the country. In fact, most drug charges are considered felonies, which means you could face jail or prison time plus the black mark of a felony conviction on your criminal record.

If you’re charged with drug possession or distribution, it’s crucial that you call a criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible. Reach out to attorney Desmond Kolke at Clement Law Center for experienced drug crime defense in Seattle and King County.

All Drug Charges Are Serious Charges

In 30 years of criminal law practice, attorney Kolke has experience with all types of drug offenses in Washington. This includes both state drug crimes (also known as VUCSA offenses) and federal drug charges, such as:

The level of the offense and the potential penalties you could face if convicted are based on several factors, including the type of drug, the amount of drug, your criminal history, and evidence of growing, manufacturing or selling drugs.

Is Marijuana A Crime In Washington State?
Washington was one of the first states to legalize recreational marijuana. It is legal to use marijuana and grow your own cannabis plants. However, only licensed growers can sell marijuana or possess more than 20 cannabis plants. Illegal trafficking in marijuana remains a serious felony crime.

What Are The Consequences Of A Drug Conviction?

A drug crime charge can derail your future. Depending on the severity of the drug offense and the jurisdiction, you could be facing:

  • Jail time or prison sentence
  • Loss of firearm rights
  • Steep fines
  • Probation
  • Mandatory drug counseling
  • A criminal record

The courts do recognize that people with drug addictions should not be treated the same as people who are trafficking drugs. Some defendants may qualify for diversion programs that will keep a drug conviction off their permanent record if they complete substance abuse treatment and “stay straight.”

If you are not a candidate for diversion, Desmond Kolke is a veteran trial lawyer who has fought and won drug cases at trial. He will scrutinize the circumstances of the arrest and all facets of the case to strategize your defense. Did police violate your Fourth Amendment search and seizure rights? Did the prosecutor overcharge the case, bringing felony charges of intent to distribute for what should have been a misdemeanor or gross misdemeanor possession case? Mr. Kolke also has a firm handle on the criminal statutes and sentencing guidelines and can often negotiate lesser charges or less severe penalties.

Get A Knowledgeable And Spirited Defense

It takes an attorney with the confidence and know-how to deal with prosecutorial authorities to defend against drug criminal charges. If you have been charged or investigated for any drug-related offense, please do not hesitate to contact us immediately. Early intervention in criminal matters, specifically drug offenses, can make a big difference in the outcome. Call 253-357-5395 or use our online form to arrange a consultation.