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Supportive, Friendly, Looks Out for Client

  • Bruce handled my Divorce/Separation matter.
  • I have previously worked with 3-5 lawyers.

Mr. Clement did an excellent job of sitting down with me on multiple occasions to evaluate my situation. I had intellectual property and a business that I wanted to ensure we’re protected and/or divided fairly in the divorce. He was able to give me the knowledge to protect myself. Bruce gave me loads of great advice, there were times I didn’t take it and regretted it later (not getting a restraining order being the biggest). It was a tough year, but at no fault of the staff at Clement Law Center. Bruce and his team are great and I would work with them again. They were a rock when my ex caused a lot of problems and drama. Even at the end, when everything suddenly came together at the last minute. They made it happen. I’m so grateful to Bruce. I highly recommend him, especially if your divorce is not a cut and dry case.


Extremely pleased.

  • Bruce handled my Divorce/Separation matter.
  • I have previously worked with 1-2 lawyers.

I needed a family law attorney to handle a divorce for me. I chose to give Bruce a try, based upon reviews I’d seen on the internet. I was extremely pleased not just with Bruce, but with his entire staff, as well. The entire team was upfront with me about expectations and fees and they kept me very well informed. Melinda provided the gentle (But firm) prodding I needed when I fell behind on gathering and providing the information they needed to help me. Her role was vital. They kept all of their commitments. Additionally (And very important to me), they were very respectful of my now ex-wife’s feelings. I hope that I don’t need an attorney again anytime soon but, if I do, my first call will be to the Clement Law Center.


Divorces are not fun.

  • Bruce handled my Divorce/Separation matter.
  • I have previously worked with no lawyers.

Mr. Clement and his legal team were very helpful with my ordeal. They were very patient with me. They responded timely to my requests and were able to walk me through the whole process. My (ex)-spouse and I would have had a tremendously difficult time completing and filing the necessary paperwork by ourselves. If I had to do it again… well, Bruce Clement would be the first person I would call.


Helped us Through a Challenging Time.

  • Bruce handled my Marriage/Prenuptials matter.
  • I have previously worked with no lawyers.

My husband and I had a challenging case that was without precedent in Washington State. Dealing with legal troubles is never enjoyable but Mr. Clement and his staff were very professional and courteous and helped to talk us through each step of the process. They were very knowledgeable and conducted sound research which I’m sure helped our case a lot. When we went before the judge to present our case, the judge – having familiarity with and respect for Mr. Clement’s work – swiftly gave us a favorable result. While we hope that we won’t have to spend any more time in courtrooms, if we did have to, we would definitely call Mr. Clement back for his legal expertise. I’d highly recommend him as an attorney to any of my friends.


Highly professional and effective.

  • Bruce handled my Child Custody matter.
  • I have previously worked with more than 10 lawyers.

On researching the online information on non-parental custody, I suspected that it was at least incomplete. On that basis, and having worked in a job that required that I regularly engage our staff attorneys in strategizing with very positive results, I decided to seek legal advice. I selected Bruce by researching his background and credentials online. As I compared family law practitioners, it was abundantly clear to me that Bruce’s life experiences and qualifications surpassed his colleagues’. When I met with him, I got much broader, more applicable, and very practical insights on how to proceed and what the likely outcomes would be. Of particular note was the absolute absence of divisive comment or suggestion that might cause or inflame resentments between the parties involved and I. Believing as I do that decision on child welfare are best made when the focus remains on the children, and are not clouded or compromised by animosities between adults, I very much appreciated his sound information presented neutrally.


A pleasure to work with.

  • Bruce handled my Child Custody matter.

Mr. Clement and his entire staff were a pleasure to work with. I had a difficult Child Custody situation compounded by the fact that I was deployed with the Military. Mr. Clement was able to help me gain custody of my child even while being on Active Duty, something I would have thought was impossible a year ago. I would recommend Mr. Clement to anyone and I have the highest respect for him and his staff.


I recommend Bruce Clement as a trustworthy, reliable and shrewd ally, someone who can make a difference in a remarkable way.

I have worked with Mr. Clement during the entire duration of my divorce. From the very first consultation until the settlement, Mr. Clement and his staff kept me informed and offered the best possible solutions under the circumstances. Mr. Clement and his amazing paralegal, were always available for me and addressed my concerns in a timely manner and in a most effective way. My divorce, as I am sure many are, was a long process. Mr. Clement was very knowledgeable in every step of the way and could find less costly and nevertheless effective solutions that could spare me some of the costs and save time as well. During the mediation, Mr. Clement was efficient and well-prepared in all of the details of my case. Through some compromise on my part, he delivered surprising results and avoided a trial that could have been nerve-wracking, very expensive and probably not as beneficial to me.


An amazing attorney with a great staff.

  • Bruce handled my Child Custody matter.
  • I have previously worked with 3-5 lawyers.

Our family had spent 6 years trying to stabilize our grandson’s living situation with our ex-daughter-in-law, we consulted multiple lawyers to no avail until we found the Clement Law Center. Our son is an active duty soldier and was serving overseas when the last and worst crisis occurred. Because of Mr. Clement, we had the correct strategy in place. We were able to get our grandson to a place of safety and security until our son could return home, and in six months our son has full residential custody. It was a complicated case that began as a third party custody case and seamlessly transitioned to a parental (father) custody case. We always felt fully informed, the billing was clear and straight-forward. We always knew what we were paying for and we had an excellent month to month idea of what the bill would be. The outcome was both successful and priceless.


A very experienced and knowledgeable attorney. I recommend you hire Mr. Clement as your legal counsel.

Mr. Clement recently represented me in relocation with children case. My case involved a long history of conflict with my ex-spouse consisting of many court appearances with several different lawyers over the years.

I discovered Mr. Clement on AVVO.com and was impressed by his experience and excellent reviews and hired him to represent me for settlement negotiations and a potential relocation trial. Mr. Clement studied the history of my case in a very short amount of time. By our second meeting, Mr. Clement was so familiar with the details of my case, I felt as though he had personal knowledge about everything I had been through for the past 6 years.

Mr. Clement and his staff kept me well informed about what was happening with my case at all times, never left me wondering even when there was nothing to report to me from the opposing counsel. I always had full access to contact Mr. Clement and his staff when I needed to reach them to ask questions or relay information. All of my questions were answered in a manner that educated me with the understanding of particular legal terminology and court procedures that related to my case.

Mr. Clement paid attention to everything I said, took notes during our conversations, gave me advice based on his experience and profound legal knowledge. During settlement negotiations and in handling matters with opposing counsel, Mr. Clement had my back. He made profound arguments on my behalf and never pressured me to settle for what I wasn’t comfortable with.

Mr. Clement is an honest, considerate, kind, caring attorney who gave my case more attention than I have ever experienced in the past. He was ALWAYS well-prepared, organized, and ready to proceed. I recommend Mr. Clement to anyone needing a family law attorney, especially in a case involving high conflict and abuse. He put my restless life at ease.


Dori: Definite High Recommendation!

Definitely the best legal experience I have ever had. Everyone at Clement Law Center is extremely knowledgeable, helpful, and very sincere. I have never been so completely involved in my case as I was here. I felt like I was part of my legal team, and not just another case.

Having been divorced for 15 years, my ex-husband was once again taking me to court. Bruce and his team were able to show the court everything that has happened over the past 15 years and get a favorable decision. The detail, effort, and commitment to my situation has put me at ease, I knew I was in good hands. They were even able to get the court to tell my ex that enough was enough and his antics would no longer be tolerated. This would never have happened if Bruce had not presented my situation of the past 15 years instead of just looking at the current motion I was up against.

I would definitely recommend Bruce Clement and his legal team to anyone. At Clement Law Center you don’t just get a top-notch legal team, you get all three E’s; Experience, Expertise, and Excellence!

I fully trust my legal needs in their hands. As a client at Clement Law Center, you can feel secure in knowing that your best interest is their top priority.


Paul: Family Law for Military member.

Bruce and his team provided excellent advice and professional, timely service. He proved very capable at excelling in a full range of actions from attorney exchanges to mediation, arbitration, and court hearings. He was candid about our position and made recommendations that were in my best interest even though I didn’t always listen to him! I would strongly recommend him to friends and colleagues.


Sheila: Professional, Honest, Thorough, and Courteous.

I am an active duty military member and hired Mr. Clement because I wanted an attorney who understood my lifestyle and concerns as a military member and parent. Mr. Clement’s background of military service met that requirement. He and his staff were exceptionally professional and competent, and exactly what I needed during a difficult time. Most importantly, they got the results I wanted. In addition to significant knowledge about the military, they were courteous, honest, thorough, and straightforward. I was so impressed with Clement Law Center, I recently hired them again. I would absolutely recommend Mr. Clement and his team to anyone, and especially to military members or dependents.


Emilia: A great experience with Bruce who was knowledgeable and incredible.

In 2007 I retained Bruce as my divorce lawyer, and I found him to be caring, involved and trustworthy. He helped me come to a fair and equitable conclusion with my divorce by providing me with solid and expert advice regarding my situation.

Today, nearly four years later, I needed help on some unresolved issues pertaining to my divorce, and with his help, I see clearly now what it is I need to do to finally close the door on an old part of my life. He is thorough in his quest to help his clients — and former clients — which is a testament to his character. If you need a lawyer, he is truly the man to see. It was just as great working with him now as it was in the past.


Adam: I recommend Bruce Clement.

I met with Bruce in regards to a current Separation I am going through and he was superb with his help. In the initial consultation, He not only answered every question I had but he also walked me through what to expect as I continue this process. Very helpful and extremely friendly. I only regret I couldn’t give him six stars.


Staci: Bruce Clement has proven himself again and again to be the best attorney for our family!

I have been working with Bruce Clement since 2003. He is extremely knowledgeable in Family Law and has gone above and beyond to help me on many occasions. Not only does he care about your case, but he truly cares about the people he is advocating for and it shows in the courtroom. It is well worth it to have the peace of mind knowing Bruce is on your side and your family is in the best hands possible. I would think it is better to have him on your side than face him as opposing counsel. If the need for an attorney arises in the future, I would not hesitate to call on Bruce Clement.


Jon: Great Lawyer [for a Military Family].

Mr. Clement was able to help get custody of my kids out of an ugly situation where the mother was abusive and negligent, but she had family who worked for child protective services who covered her. It was a long, hard, EXPENSIVE road but worth everything we went through.


Sandy: Wonderful office staff & very intelligent and hard working lawyer!

Bruce Clement & Diane Zoro plus the rest of Bruce’s staff came into my life at an extremely stressful time of my life. They were caring, compassionate, totally knowledgeable, kind, and were able to get me an excellent settlement. Bruce also handled my estate planning and extended excellent suggestions to me. Truly, my experience was amazing and I have recommended Bruce & his staff a few times and will continue to recommend them.


Richard: Traits you look for in a good attorney.

Three years ago, Mr. Clement took on my divorce case that started out amicable but shortly turned unpleasant… something he warned me about early on. During the following months, I found Bruce to be very thorough, optimistic, but not given to holding out false hopes. He translated legalese to plain English, each time explaining what might happen and laying out strategies to counter possible unfavorable outcomes. Oh, and he has a capable office and paralegal staff as well.


Jessica: I highly recommend Clement Law Center.

I met with Bruce for my initial consultation and I knew immediately that he is an attorney that knows his field very well. I knew he would not sugar coat the possible outcomes, and I knew I would not be led down an expensive path to nowhere (as I’d found with previous attorneys). He took extra time to pull resources for me and give me as much information on my particular situation as possible, even though no agreement of representation had been made. Due to court date scheduling conflicts, Bruce was unable to represent me. He referred me to a junior attorney at his firm and I was very well represented.

Clement Law Center was my 3rd attempt at finding a legal team that I felt could and would represent me in a way truly looked out for the best interest of myself and my daughter. From the moment I began talking with the team at Clement Law, I knew that if they took my case, I would be well represented. Everyone I spoke to was professional and friendly, as well as very upfront about the issues in the case, and how costs would be incurred. I was very impressed that there was actually consideration taken by the whole team to decide if they felt this was a case they felt they could give due diligence to, amidst their current caseload (I came to them on very short notice). Upon retaining their services, I finally was at ease that I had an attorney who would actually work for the things I felt most important in this case and I have been completely satisfied with their services.


Lynette: Trustworthy.

Bruce is a top notch attorney. He is a great strategist. He combines that with compassion for his clients, is non-judgmental and adds a bit of humor for the icing on the cake. He has also surrounded himself with a great staff. His entire office does excellent work while keeping the clients budget in mind as they work. I was lucky when I found him.


Divorce client (Anonymous): Kept me informed.

Mr. Clement and team were able to help me to legally separate my wife. It was a hard case, but at the end, I was able to get custody of 2 of my children. It took about 8 months, but I am happy now.


Kristy: Very impressed.

I reached Mr. Clement through the Avvo website by posting my situation and he responded with some good information. I called his office. His office staff was very accommodating to my emergent matter and squeezed me in for a phone consult. I am incredibly nervous about my family law situation and Mr. Clement was extremely helpful. He answered all of my questions and gave me some much-needed information regarding my own attorney. I am quite a bit more confident to the outcome of my case after speaking with him. His answers were very thorough. His extra time was very much appreciated.