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Desmond Kolke

  • Attorney


Practice Areas

  • Family Law


Desmond Kolke joined the team at Clement Law Center after being a solo practitioner for over 25 years. He has brought his valuable experience in court, including countless motions and trials. His reputation with judges and attorneys is excellent. He shares with us his mission statement, one that he has strived to live up to for all these years: "Making wrongs right in life's matters."

Experience counts. Family law cases involve the most important people a client's life. Desmond has represented hundreds of clients in the most important and emotionally charged legal matters possible. He understands that clients have a right to experienced and knowledgeable representation in Court. Desmond knows how to fight and protect the rights of clients and their loved ones.

Desmond is totally committed to his clients. His clients and their families greatly appreciate his skill and honesty. They always know the status of their case and their realistic options. Clients and legal professionals appreciate the fact that Desmond is focused, respectful, and courteous. These personal traits carry over into his conversations, negotiations, and court appearances.

If your case can be settled favorably, Desmond's straightforward approach achieves wonderful results. But not all cases can be resolved through negotiation. In such cases, Desmond's impressive experience at trial is priceless. Desmond will emphasize the key facts, expose the weak points in your opponent's case, and help you successfully present your case to the Judge.

Desmond looks forward to making wrongs right - in your life's matters.