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Property Division

Custom Service To Divide Your Assets

Washington is a community property state. Of course, you can’t split a house or a business in half. You may not be financially able to take on half of the debt. And some assets are not counted as community property.

The complex considerations of property division are further complicated by the emotions of divorce. Resentments, strained communications, and sentimental attachments can be a barrier to practical thinking and the necessary give-and-take.

While we at a Clement Law Center, provide strong representation in contested divorce proceedings to ensure you get your fair share, we also work to protect your interests and reach your goals with the least amount of animosity and expense. Even in high-asset and high-conflict divorces, our experienced Federal Way attorneys can often help you reach a property division settlement agreement through negotiation, mediation and arbitration, or through focused litigation of only those specific matters that defy resolution.

Safeguarding Your Best Interests Throughout Asset Division

Our attorneys have been practicing law in Washington for more than 30 years, including the special issues relating to asset division like separate property, inheritances, gifts from parents, business holdings and issues unique to military divorce. Our attorneys are intimately familiar with the laws and common pitfalls of dividing property, and we are armed with strategies and solutions for nearly every scenario. We can help you resolve issues regarding:

  • Separate property versus community property
  • Division of the marital interest in homes, real estate, investments and businesses
  • Sale or refinancing of the marital home
  • Inheritances or gifts during the marriage
  • Pensions and other retirement assets
  • Cars, valuables and other possessions
  • Jointly held debt (loans, credit cards, etc.)
  • Spousal maintenance (if applicable)

Without an experienced attorney to guide you, you may be surprised by many possible complicating factors. The courts have jurisdiction over all community and separate property. They can sometimes divide one spouse’s separate property and award some or all of it to the other spouse. A spouse can come back years later and claim half of the retirement accounts that were not properly dealt with at the time of divorce. Proceeds from selling the house may or may not be subject to division. Clement Law Center provides the experience to safeguard your immediate and long-term interests, and the creative know-how to boil these complex issues down to a mutually acceptable agreement.

We welcome the opportunity to provide guidance on these issues to same-sex couples, including those currently in domestic partnerships who have not yet benefited from the legalization of marriage in Washington state.

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