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How a prenup may be helpful in a divorce

A prenuptial agreement may be a good idea for some Washington couples, but they may be concerned about how their families will react or worry that having the prenup could affect the stability of their relationship. Although it may be difficult to talk about issues such as debt or bankruptcy, a prenup can actually help open the lines of communication.

It may also protect any assets a person is bringing into the marriage as well as a business if one person is a business owner. Without the prenup, the business owner could lose part of the business to the spouse. A prenup can also be used to protect one spouse from the debts of another spouse. Some couples might use the prenup to state who will get the pets in the event of divorce.

Addressing loneliness after your divorce

Often, a great deal of focus is placed on divorce issues such as child support, custody or property division. Though these are all potentially complicated aspects of divorce which need to be dealt with carefully, there are many other challenges that people may have to work through during and after the process of divorce. For example, some people may feel a sense of loneliness after they split up with their spouse, for multiple reasons. Not only can it be difficult for some people to adjust to single life, but they may feel lonely for other reasons, such as missing their child following a custody dispute.

It is important for you to address these feelings of loneliness properly, but you should not feel as if you have failed or that there is no hope for your future. Some people are able to enjoy a new relationship which is more fulfilling than their previous marriage, while others have no interest in finding a new partner. Some people who feel lonely after divorce benefit from getting a pet, such as a dog or a cat, while others are able to move forward by spending more time with their friends and family members. Learning new skills and picking up exciting hobbies can also be helpful in this regard.

There are many reasons to consider a legal separation

If there are issues in your marriage that cannot be resolved, you may be considering divorce—except you know that there is no going back. Divorce is final.

On the other hand, the dissolution of your marriage may not be the answer to the issues you are experiencing, simply because it is not an option. Whatever the circumstances, legal separation might be the best solution for you and your spouse.

Divorce more common among older couples

Divorce has become more common among people in many demographics in Washington, including older people. Marriage separation also hits certain families harder. For example, the daughters of divorced parents are 60 percent more likely to divorce while the sons of divorced parents are 35 percent more likely to end their marriages. Despite these alarming statistics, divorce rates in general have remained steady or even decreased in recent years.

However, older couples are more likely to divorce than in the past, a trend that has continued to rise. People aged 50 and older are twice as likely to divorce in 2018 as they were in 1990. The divorce rate for couples aged 65 and older has tripled during the same time, a phenomenon called the "gray divorce revolution." There are a number of elements that could contribute to these divorces at an older age. Couples who are on their second or third marriages are 2.5 times more likely to divorce than those who have remained in their first marriages. In addition, people who have been married for a short time are more likely to split.

Online affairs and the decision to divorce

In the digital era, there have been many changes when it comes to communication and accessing information. Social media, for example, has significantly changed the way in which many people stay in touch with loved ones and connect with strangers. Unfortunately, technology can also have some drawbacks. For example, people may carry out an affair over the internet and this could cause their spouse to decide to file for a divorce once they discover what their partner has been up to. Whether you have been accused of an online affair or your spouse has been cheating on you through an app, it is vital to approach your divorce properly.

Some online affairs may never materialize into a face-to-face relationship and solely consist of communicating over the internet, while others may originate on an app or social media platform and lead to a full-blown affair in person. Some people may unintentionally find themselves in a situation similar to this, or they may have been actively seeking out a partner. The details of every affair differ in many ways and this is also true for every couple when it comes to the divorce process. Some have kids and others are childless, while some may have a high net worth and other couples have relatively modest assets. It is very important for you to approach your divorce from the right angle.

Financial security after divorce

In Washington state, women who are going through divorces often worry about whether they will be able to retire on time and what their financial situation might be afterwards. While women who divorce might not be as well off overall as women who remain married, a study published in June indicates that they are better off than women who have never married.

According to a survey by researchers at Boston College, single divorced women were likelier to own their own homes as compared to single women who had never been married. While some women might think that they should fight to keep their marital homes in their divorces as a result of the survey, experts state that is not necessarily true.

Financial considerations of divorce

Couples considering divorce typically understand that this process can take some time and may impact many areas of their lives. Couples who have a child, for example, will need to consider custody arrangements. Couples with large numbers of assets will need to determine how they will separate those. It's important that couples who plan to separate understand that divorce also brings with it certain financial considerations that may impact the future of each person involved.

During a divorce, couples will typically separate and divide their assets. While this may seem straightforward, the truth is that this does not just involve physical assets. In addition to cars and homes, couples may also need to divide their savings accounts, retirement accounts and even debts. During this time, couples may be surprised to discover just how many personal assets they have that will need to be divided as evenly as possible.

Child support and custodial parents

On this blog, we have looked into some legal issues involving child support payments and non-custodial parents, such as the consequences of falling behind. Now, we will approach this topic from a custodial parent's perspective. If you expect to have custody of your child after your divorce and are not sure how much child support you will be able to receive, you could be worried about your financial future. Or, maybe you have already split up with your spouse and your child's other parent is not making their payments on time, for whatever reason. It is crucial for parents in Washington to handle these matters correctly.

In some instances, reaching out to your child's other parent may be helpful, but this certainly is not an option for everyone. There are a number of ways in which back child support can be obtained from a parent who has not paid what they owe and it is important for you to provide your child with the resources they need. For example, this may be a particularly pressing issue during back-to-school season if you are trying to buy school clothes and supplies for your kids.

Financial questions can accompany divorce

When people in Washington decide to end their marriage, the financial effects of divorce can be far more significant and long-lasting than the practical or emotional changes. This is one reason why divorce can often be a stressful time for people concerned about their finances. Many people may be unsure about how to handle issues with money moving forward into the future; by developing a plan, a divorcing spouse may feel more confident about their post-divorce financial outlook.

Understanding the assets and liabilities at stake is vital to this planning process. One of the most critical elements of achieving a property division settlement is establishing a correct valuation of the marital estate. Financial assets held by a couple include savings and investment accounts, stocks, cash, mutual funds, bonds and similar items. Retirement accounts are often the largest single asset held by a married couple. However, when dividing these assets, it is important to remember that they are not all equally valuable or equally liquid. Tax consequences can also play a major role; for example, $100,000 in an IRA is not equivalent to $100,000 in cash because the funds in the IRA will be taxed upon their distribution.

False domestic violence allegations and divorce

During the divorce process, there are many different challenges that can arise. Sometimes, these difficulties are unavoidable, while others are the result of a couple's bitter dispute and hard feelings. For example, someone may accuse their partner of domestic violence even though no abuse took place. In Federal Way, and across the state of Washington, these accusations can be absolutely devastating. Not only can false domestic violence allegations cause a parent to become depressed or angry, but they may adversely influence various family law matters, such as child custody. Clement Law Center understands these challenges and we believe that people in this position should have a voice.

There are various reasons why a person may be wrongly accused of domestic violence. For example, a child's other parent may try to gain leverage in a dispute over child custody and make the other parent look like an abusive person. Sometimes, these accusations may arise because someone has hard feelings and wants to get revenge or bring their former partner down. Regardless of the motivation, it is very unfortunate that people continue to find themselves in this position.