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Federal Way Divorce Law Blog

When do grandparents get custody rights?

Grandparents play an important role in the lives of their grandchildren. When parents go through a divorce, it can affect this important relationship, negatively impacting a bond that is beneficial for the kids. In some cases, it is important or necessary for grandparents to seek custody or visitation of their grandkids. 

There are limited circumstances in which grandparents may be able secure visitation or custody rights. Ultimately, the goal of any decision made by a Washington family law court regarding this issue is to protect the best interests of the children above everything else. If you would like to seek custody of your grandchildren, you may want to speak to an experienced family law attorney about the options available to you.

Divorce: Full disclosure is required regarding finances

Before 2020 ends, many Washington spouses will end their marriages. Which spouse files for divorce depends on the unique circumstances of a particular marriage. A lot of couples say that financial disputes were a causal factor in deciding to divorce. 

Married couples often have financial personalities. Some share everything 50/50 when it comes to money, income, expenses and more. For these couples, there are no secrets, and they often say they completely trust their partners when it comes to money. Others, however, may have some trust issues going on in their relationships, which often leads to secrecy where finances are concerned. 

Hayley Williams says divorce affected her physical health

When a stressful situation arises in a person's life, he or she may experience a negative reaction to it, depending on the circumstances. For instance, many Washington spouses may be having serious marriage problems at this time, perhaps, prompting thoughts of divorce. While it is not uncommon for divorce to occur, if a person is unsure how to cope or does not know where to seek support as needed, he or she may experience adverse emotional or physical health effects.

Rocker Hayley Williams says this is exactly what happened to her. She had apparently stayed in an unhappy marriage for a long time and was already emotionally distraught by the time she and her spouse divorced. Williams says the whole situation took a serious toll on her health.

Couples should not overlook life insurance in a divorce

Washington divorces are complicated enough, but couples going through them should take note of the fact that there may be issues beyond property division, custody and child support. People must be aware of the fact that life insurance in a divorce can be an issue, especially when there are situations where one spouse is responsible for providing certain things for the children or even paying alimony.

It is logical that there would need to be arrangements to provide for the children if one parent passes. Not only is there child support, but there may also be expenses of health insurance and even college expenses. The parties will have to try to figure out how much it will cost to raise the children until they get older and then decide the proper amount of life insurance that would be necessary to cover those expenses.

Taking difficult steps after your spouse's affair

No matter how long or short your marriage has been, you likely know your spouse well enough to recognize when something was different. Maybe he or she was more attentive to you, or perhaps you felt your spouse growing cold and more distant. Did your spouse work longer hours, become more secretive about his or her cellphone, or act more nervous than usual? You may have dismissed your suspicions, but now you are more convinced that your spouse may be cheating on you.

Whether you have found incriminating messages, your spouse has confessed or you just have a strong feeling, you have many difficult decisions to make. Infidelity does not necessarily mean the end of a marriage, but if often signals an irreparable breach of trust. You would be wise to protect yourself by obtaining as much information as possible about your options.

Divorce: Who gets the wedding rings?

When a Washington marriage ends, there are numerous legal issues that must be resolved. Regardless of which spouse files for divorce, both must focus on negotiating appropriate terms for a settlement. If they are parents, child custody, support and parenting time issues will be a high priority. Property division, as well, can spark complications, such as determining what is marital (community) property and what is separate.

A particular issue that can be complex has to do with wedding rings. Are they community property or separately owned? There is no one answer to this question because state laws vary, and the court in one state may rule differently than a court in another.

Child custody: Washington parents can learn from celebrities

Most family court judges would agree that children are adaptable and fare best in divorce when their parents are willing to compromise and cooperate for their sake. Washington parents are not always able to achieve amicable child custody agreements on their own, however. In fact, there have also been many celebrities who have sought the court's intervention to help them resolve child-related disputes.

The court always has children's best interests in mind when making custody, visitation or child support decisions. If a parent believes he or she should have sole custody of his or her children, a petition can be filed in court to request it. Superstar Janet Jackson made such a request on behalf of her son after receiving a phone call from the child's nanny that expressed concern for his safety in the custody of his father. Actor/model Tyrese Gibson also sought full custody of his children for other reasons.

Has technology destroyed your marriage?

Technology is often a constant companion, perhaps even more than one's spouse is. It is not unusual for someone to sit for eight to 10 hours in front of a computer at work only to come home and spend the rest of the evening scrolling through social media or browsing on the internet. If this sounds like your marriage, you may not be surprised if the communication between you and your spouse has broken down.

While technology in our homes and in our hands has improved the lives of many, it has ruined the marriages of others. In fact, some studies show that there is a direct correlation between the use of technology and the rate of divorce in Washington and across the country. If your marriage is struggling, you may want to examine the amount of time you and your spouse spend on your computers and phones.

Child custody: Jon Gosselin and ex still fighting

When Washington married couples who are parents decide to divorce, they must resolve numerous issues pertaining to their children. The court's ultimate goal is always to make child custody decisions that protect the children's best interests. Problems may arise, however, if the parents in question disagree about what's best for their kids. This has been an ongoing problem between former reality TV star Jon Gosselin and his ex wife, Kate.

The Gosselins have eight children together, sextuplets and two single-birthed kids. When the formerly married couple decided to divorce, it sparked a contentious custody battle that has been ongoing for years now. Gosselin recently spoke about his family and accused his ex of parental alienation.

Will your business count as marital property?

While having a successful business is something that most entrepreneurs strive for, it is immensely difficult to reach a profitable stage and to have a business that sustains long-term success. You understand how difficult it was to reach this point with your company, and you do not want anything to jeopardize the business. Unfortunately, you have a pending divorce and wonder what will happen to your business assets.

You likely put your blood, sweat and tears into creating, operating and keeping your business on track. You have likely garnered a considerable amount of wealth over the years and feel a sense of accomplishment. Because you put so much into the business, you may think your spouse has no claim to it, but that may not be the case.